Handspun galore!

I’ve been spinning A LOT! And by this, I mean A LOT. Last year, my wheel barely saw any action as I juggled soaping, the kids and other aspects of my life.

This time around, I try to squeeze in as much spin-time as I possible can in between soaping. Making bigger batches of soap at a time has helped a lot! Anyway, thanks to this, I have churned out – since January this year – at least 12 bundles of fiber and finished off a really old spin WIP. That totals up to over 1.5kg of fiber and around 7204.96 meters! And it’s only April! WHOA!…

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New additions!

And it’s all from one of my favourite dyers – Julie from JulieSpins. All pics are taken from her store (she takes superb pics!). Hehehehe.

il_fullxfull.749764480_dfii 17111688805_4a61e6b3f8_b 16489251944_333231260a_b provence_merino_silk_1a_medium

These are mostly 50-50 merino-silk with the exception of one of them which is a gorgeous superwash merino-nylon blend which I’m planning to turn into socks. I like the sheen and softness that 50-50 merino-silk gives and it’s my new favourite fiber blends. I reckon these would be just nice for a shawl – laceweight, me thinks! *grin*

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Stashie stash!

When Ravelry’s database put my stash count at 192 skeins (including braids of fibre), I thought nothing much of it – it was just another figure.

That all changed recently…well, after this morning actually. I have managed to filled in at least six boxes of varying sizes (the smallest being around 120 x 150 x 200 mm to the largest nearly 480 x 600 x 800 mm). Of course a good three of them contain my shop stock so I can’t really count it as just for stash but still, with the ziplock-vacuum pack thing, those 192 skeins finally materialised.

Nil finds it amusing that I have little inkling as to the amount of stash I have. He being a non-knitter (and obviously someone who doesn’t understand the obsession some people have about yarn stashing) sees things more clearly than myself I guess. But then again, this is someone who is willing to drive to Germany to buy beer if given the chance. Granted though it’s not far – about two hours by car.

I did try my luck when he said he was thinking of making the trip there with Dad – the ever sought after Wollmeise yarns are now making their appearance in the form of a real life store but alas, Nil would only be crossing the border instead of heading inward (and this store is located in the Bavarian area).

O’well, I have another three medium sized bags to go but I think I’ll probably give those away instead of sending it to Singapore. We’ll see how it goes. After my stash, the only thing left would be my clothes, books (knitting, cookbooks and such) plus things like my shoes and all. I might donate some of my older clothes and shoes but yeah…talk about stashing yarn and fibres.

Definitely need to run a “knit from stash” thing once they are out of them boxes!

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Crochet: Mary Jane Skimmers

Crochet: Mary Jane Skimmers (0 months)

Mary Jane Skimmers
Pattern | Mary Jane Skimmers by Sylvia Schuchardt
Yarn | Puppets Cotton 8 ply in white
Needles | 3.5mm crochet hook

I was itching to work on something other than Nil’s one side sock but didn’t want the burden of having an unfinished WIP on my hands. So I thought, hey, why not work on another bootie for little Eva? I made two pairs for her – three months and nine months – but have nothing suitable for a newborn. I figured that these little skimmers would do the trick even though some may say that she’ll outgrow it fast. I don’t really mind actually since it keeps me busy plus it helps me dip into my stash. Not that my stash got really dented in the process. This project took up very little yarn and is great for leftovers and such – if you have tons of those.

I didn’t do a two-sole bottom as called for by the pattern because I wanted to keep it soft and such. Also, the center strap was lengthened by one to two stitches (two stitches was a mistake). When the two were complete, Nil remarked that it looked a bit tad on the small side and feared that our little one may not fit into it at all. I don’t think it’ll be an issue since cotton is stretchable to some degree and the yarn I’ve chosen to work with is quite pliable and soft to boot.

Now that this is done, it’s back to the packing and this time, we’ve continued on with the clothes – I’m so tempted to just the unwanted pieces with a wholesale clothing store – and our books. Clothing-wise, there are my work clothes which I brought from home (totally useless if you ask me). I might take a few pieces with me but otherwise, the rest will probably end up in storage like the winter clothes or just given away (especially the older pieces). Book-wise, Nil will be passing off his French comics to his mum while I get to bring over my cookbooks plus craft stuff. Huzzah!

And yes, now that Eva is full-term, the waiting game begins.

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This time, it’s blue.

Stash No 3 - 6 yards of 100% cotton fabric from Ebay

Before I get to the real subject at hand, I need to ask – are external (and/or portable) hard disk better than flash memory stores? My external hard disk is nearly full and my flash memory drives are, well, full as well. So which is preferable?

While my current project is in the works – I’m awaiting for some dye-setting solution to come since one of the fabrics bleeds a little and I don’t fancy my ivory borders turning lilac or lavender (light purple) – this came in the mailbox. YAY for the postman! I ordered these a while back since someone on Facebook remarked that I don’t seem to have any fabrics in cold colours. Now I just need to complete my stash with some green! LOL.

The fabrics are one yard each and of course, 100% cotton from a variety of producers/designers. I actually love the Japanese/Asian print even though Nil finds it a bit tad too much – it goes perfectly with the blue and violet co-ordinates. I’m planning to do a strip pattern with these colours but the fabric set isn’t complete – am in the middle of expecting another two to three yards in purple co-ordinates to come in the mail.

Anyway, I won’t get started on these fabrics until I reach Singapore so chances are it’ll just be sitting in my stash till then. Won’t even think about the quilt top pattern in detail and such. 8)

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Yummy fabric!

Fabric stash from Cotton & Color

This arrived a couple of days ago from a shop here in Switzerland called Cotton & Color (I have another four meters or more coming in from the US – hopefully, I won’t get taxed for them (I shouldn’t because it costs less than the CHF65 tax-free threshold)). I picked about six different co-ordinating fabrics for my next project which will feature a log cabin pattern but one of the problems about buying fabric from a store via the Net, especially fabric on sale is that the said fabric could run out before the person reaches your order.

So I end up missing out on one of the fabrics – a dark plum red – but these five are still do-able. I placed another order to replace the missing colour and this time, decided to pick two hues from the same group. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the store will have them in stock AND they’ll go well with these.

In the meantime, I’ve started piecing fabrics for Quilt #3 and with any luck, I should be done with the entire 40 blocks by this weekend! Wahou!

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