Yummy fabric!

Fabric stash from Cotton & Color

This arrived a couple of days ago from a shop here in Switzerland called Cotton & Color (I have another four meters or more coming in from the US – hopefully, I won’t get taxed for them (I shouldn’t because it costs less than the CHF65 tax-free threshold)). I picked about six different co-ordinating fabrics for my next project which will feature a log cabin pattern but one of the problems about buying fabric from a store via the Net, especially fabric on sale is that the said fabric could run out before the person reaches your order.

So I end up missing out on one of the fabrics – a dark plum red – but these five are still do-able. I placed another order to replace the missing colour and this time, decided to pick two hues from the same group. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the store will have them in stock AND they’ll go well with these.

In the meantime, I’ve started piecing fabrics for Quilt #3 and with any luck, I should be done with the entire 40 blocks by this weekend! Wahou!

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