Simple teething pads

Teething pads

Simple teething pads
Pattern details | None
Batting | PSR Quilt Bamboo batting (0.9 m x 1.25 m)
Fabric | 100% cotton fabric from

Of lately, Noah has taken to gumming the straps of the Ergo carrier whenever I babywear him and I can’t exactly dump the entire carrier into the machine to wash it even though it’s okay to do so (not frequently tho – as per manufacturer’s recommendation). I was not very keen on spending around €20 for teething pads and decided to make a simple pair with the leftover batting I had from the quilt I made from him. To match the green of my carrier (Ergo Performance), I picked a paisley patterned fabric I purchased while I was in Singapore.

While measuring it, I thought I had enough fabric to go around the strap in order for me to utilize the KAM snaps I have in my stash. However, after topstitching the layers together, I discovered that I had forgotten all about seam allowances, resulting in a pad that didn’t lay on top of each other. I will have to make do with hook-and-eye closures instead so until I get my hands on them (tomorrow, I think), it’ll be held together with basting pins.

I didn’t use a pattern, just decided to layer the batting on top of the fabric (right sides facing in), sew and turn it inside out before topstiching around to reinforce, beautify and close off the opening. It’s a quick project (I did this while doing other things like checking out diet pills that work) and you can whip up a pair of these in under 30 minutes or less, depending on how fast you sew and cut/prep your fabric.

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Knit: Baby Log Cabin Blanket

Noah's Baby Log Cabin Blanket

Baby Log Cabin Blanket
Pattern | Moderne Baby Blanket by Kay Gardiner and Ann Shayne
Yarn | Bergère de France Barroise in purple, yellow-orange, blue-green and Bergère de France Bergerama in red
Needles | 4.5mm circulars

Can you believe that I started this project in February 2009 when I was pregnant with Eva and just out of my first trimester? Yes, it has taken me this long to finish this project. Part of the reason was the move from Switzerland to Singapore (I had unknowingly packed it in a box that I wasn’t going to ship to Singapore) but it was mostly due to lack of stamina. When I finally found the project (in between all that unpacking and 5th wheel insurance reviews), I realized that I made the mistake of not packing in the instructions as well. Oops.

What did I do? Wing it basically and just did my own pattern – so to speak. Hence why it looks nothing like the version by Gardiner and Shayne. I stopped after working on 12 different pieces of strips – more and the blanket might be too large for Noah. Because it felt too thin, Nil suggested that I added a fabric back and batting to it – I used the fleece fabric that I have in my stash and the result is a wonderfully warm blanket that is just great for a preemie baby like him.

The only problem is that I should have blocked the fabric first before sewing on the back and batting. After the wash, the knitted portion stretched (or perhaps the fabric portion shrunk) so I ended up with a not-so smooth looking blanket. O’well… I must be frank though – I still like this blanket…with all its “ugly” bits. I like it so much that I am considering knitting up a bigger version but this time, using my knitting machine! Yes, ambitious…hehehehe.

Noah's Baby Log Cabin Blanket

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Knit: Bluey Hat II

Noah @ Week 3

Bluey Hat II
Pattern | Easy Peasy Newborn Sock Hat by Keri McKiernan
Yarn | My own handspun yarn in Blue Skies & Sunshine (dyed by JulieSpins)
Needles | 2.75mm DPNs

Here is the model with the preemie version of Bluey Hat. This was taken nearly two weeks ago and now, he is beginning to show signs of outgrowing the hat – a good thing, if you ask me. I still have the full size version lying around but chances are, it is still too big for him. So I will most probably keep that at home for another two weeks.

Looking back, it would appear that I’m making good progress with my WIPs and I hope to finish up some really old ones that I cast one eons ago. Apart from this, I managed to finish up a baby version of the Log Blanket and am in the middle of handstitching a fleece back to it. Tough work, if you ask me, especially since I have to deal with other things like pumping milk, cooking and catching up with my TV series…not to mention other projects as well. With any luck, we should have a couple more FOs by the time the year is out.

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Knit: Bluey Hat

FO: Bluey Hat

Bluey Hat
Pattern | Easy Peasy Newborn Sock Hat by Keri McKiernan
Yarn | My own handspun yarn in Blue Skies & Sunshine (dyed by JulieSpins)
Needles | 2.75mm DPNs

This was sort of a last minute project I did prior to the move to the new apartment and consequently, my delivery to a preterm Noah. I wanted a quick knit that could use up my handspun yarn since it was a waste to chuck aside those lovely blue-grey-emerald-royal blue colours that were more evident towards the tail end of the yarn. And quick it was – I finished it in under two days – on and off knitting, that is!

And was still left with some yarn…enough for another one hat or two premie hats.

As it turns out, after I delivered Noah, this hat was too big so I started on another one which was slightly smaller. Looking at both, I reckon they would serve him well for winter or when he eventually leaves the hospital.

If you’re looking for a simple, quick knit to do in front of the TV, this would be it! They make great gifts too! Okay, I’m off to finish a blanket for Noah while working on my review for prom dresses!

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Crochet: Mary Jane Skimmers

Crochet: Mary Jane Skimmers (0 months)

Mary Jane Skimmers
Pattern | Mary Jane Skimmers by Sylvia Schuchardt
Yarn | Puppets Cotton 8 ply in white
Needles | 3.5mm crochet hook

I was itching to work on something other than Nil’s one side sock but didn’t want the burden of having an unfinished WIP on my hands. So I thought, hey, why not work on another bootie for little Eva? I made two pairs for her – three months and nine months – but have nothing suitable for a newborn. I figured that these little skimmers would do the trick even though some may say that she’ll outgrow it fast. I don’t really mind actually since it keeps me busy plus it helps me dip into my stash. Not that my stash got really dented in the process. This project took up very little yarn and is great for leftovers and such – if you have tons of those.

I didn’t do a two-sole bottom as called for by the pattern because I wanted to keep it soft and such. Also, the center strap was lengthened by one to two stitches (two stitches was a mistake). When the two were complete, Nil remarked that it looked a bit tad on the small side and feared that our little one may not fit into it at all. I don’t think it’ll be an issue since cotton is stretchable to some degree and the yarn I’ve chosen to work with is quite pliable and soft to boot.

Now that this is done, it’s back to the packing and this time, we’ve continued on with the clothes – I’m so tempted to just the unwanted pieces with a wholesale clothing store – and our books. Clothing-wise, there are my work clothes which I brought from home (totally useless if you ask me). I might take a few pieces with me but otherwise, the rest will probably end up in storage like the winter clothes or just given away (especially the older pieces). Book-wise, Nil will be passing off his French comics to his mum while I get to bring over my cookbooks plus craft stuff. Huzzah!

And yes, now that Eva is full-term, the waiting game begins.

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Quilt #2: Autumn Heaven

Quilt #2: Showing off the binding and backing

Quilt #2: Autumn Heaven
Width | Approx 68 cm
Length | Approx 92 cm
Pattern details | 3″ 100% cotton squares from Ebay, cross arrangement, alternate colour schematics
Batting | None
Backing | 80-20% cotton-polyester fabric from Textile Ambience
Binding | Single fold 100% cotton tape in cream-yellow from Textile Ambience

This turned out surprisingly well even though it was slightly smaller than the first blanket I made and with a number of errors (lets go through them one by one).

For starters, the pattern this time isn’t random. The cotton squares I purchased come in several designs and each design has about 20 pieces cut down to size (3 inches). So I decided to rotate several colour pairs by way of inversion and such. To top off the pattern, I put an all-brown border, again repeating some colours, and then finally an all-white border. After sewing together the pieces, I discovered right towards the end when all of the squares were pieced that one of the cross in the patterns is off and the white border on one end has been switched around. Aiii…talk about something not matching its twin.

Then of course there is still the matter of getting the seams of each of the squares to match. Somehow I screwed up on piecing them properly. At one time while fiddling with the machine, I nearly sewed over a pin so the resulting line wasn’t straight with ended up with more fabric “eaten” to compensate for the seam. So some squares were quite off but again, thankfully, it’s just some. Again, definitely more work on the accuracy and such is needed.

Then there was the matter of sewing the bias. I can’t seem to find double fold bias tapes and somehow despite pinning this, I ran into some issues halfway while sewing this – I didn’t sew down a smallish portion of the tape so I had to run through the whole blanket twice and the offending section four times. ARGH! Luckily the thread is the same colour as the tape, otherwise I would be kicking myself!

Anyway, the finished piece is still very lovely and I am utterly tempted to keep this for myself but Nil said no. So off it’ll go as originally intended. I hope the recipient will like it as much as we do. 8)

Quilt #2: Fresh from the oven

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Blanket #2 in the making

Quilt #2 in progress

This time, it’s smaller squares with similar patterns BUT at least two mistakes plus a couple of off-center squares…I think I ought to NOT put my patches together when it’s late at night – bleary eyes and all.

The patchwork design this time is slightly different. I was aiming for an all-white/cream outer border followed by an all-brown second border and then a number of crosses in the same pieces of fabric but inverted alternately. The error, sad to say, is towards the end – the pieces that I last worked on. Note to self – must NOT take breaks in between sewing blocks. I had done things differently this time, choosing to work on sewing up half of the squares into 4×4 blocks instead of doing all of them at one go. Hence the errors.

Nil didn’t even notice it until I pointed it out…well, actually I didn’t notice it until I took a closer look at the picture just moments ago. His remark was funny to say the least – “Never mind, it’s for so-and-so” and promptly gave me the cheekiest grin ever.

Yes, I married a good AND funny man. 8)

On a totally unrelated topic, can someone tell me if I would still look good in a lace teddy? Being pregnant, I can hardly fit into my undies let alone sexy undies. Hm…maybe I should just wait till after Eva is born to fit into a lace teddy.

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