Picking up the brush again

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I picked up journaling around middle of last year, just before our family trip back to France. Initially, my style was text-heavy with little to nearly zero illustrations or doodles. I was thoroughly convinced that I was not a very visual person. My artwork lacked depth and composition. Well, it still does. I don’t consider myself an artist.

Our travel back to France saw us going to really gorgeous places and enjoying familiar foods. I took tonnes of pictures but putting them all into a journal wasn’t going to work. Doodling was a nice way of capturing these images and plonking them next to text. It made things readable and more importantly, I didn’t have to spend too much time thinking of things to write. …

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Back to paper, pen and ink!

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So it’s been a while since I last updated this blog with anything. Nearly a year to be exact. Life, family, work (yes!) and hobbies have been pretty much my schedule since the middle of last year and consequently, I’ve had very little time to sit down and put my thoughts onto an online entity.

Somewhere in between April 2015 and now, Claire of clairekhoo.com and a former colleague, Ling of teresaling.com introduced me to a few new trends – journaling, calligraphy and painting. I’m never one to shy away from trying something new, especially something that looks interesting and is something that I have worked on before as a child…

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WIP: Romney in Tideline

Romney in Tideline from Hello Yarn

Hello Yarn…a very much sought-after and stalked (by me, of course) dyer whose fiber club waiting list (yes, not even the club itself) spans 1.5 to 2 years! In the past, I’ve only ever managed to rely on destashes to get some rovings and even then, most prefer to ship within the US (where the dyer is based)…

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Handspun galore!

I’ve been spinning A LOT! And by this, I mean A LOT. Last year, my wheel barely saw any action as I juggled soaping, the kids and other aspects of my life.

This time around, I try to squeeze in as much spin-time as I possible can in between soaping. Making bigger batches of soap at a time has helped a lot! Anyway, thanks to this, I have churned out – since January this year – at least 12 bundles of fiber and finished off a really old spin WIP. That totals up to over 1.5kg of fiber and around 7204.96 meters! And it’s only April! WHOA!…

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New additions!

And it’s all from one of my favourite dyers – Julie from JulieSpins. All pics are taken from her store (she takes superb pics!). Hehehehe.

il_fullxfull.749764480_dfii 17111688805_4a61e6b3f8_b 16489251944_333231260a_b provence_merino_silk_1a_medium

These are mostly 50-50 merino-silk with the exception of one of them which is a gorgeous superwash merino-nylon blend which I’m planning to turn into socks. I like the sheen and softness that 50-50 merino-silk gives and it’s my new favourite fiber blends. I reckon these would be just nice for a shawl – laceweight, me thinks! *grin*

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New stash additions!

First batch of handdyed yummies in three years!

I have been on a yarn and fiber diet for quite some time (it’s been two years!) and since my birthday last year, I’ve been treating myself to a one or two braids of roving here and there. Trouble with that is that since I left France, US postage plus the foreign exchange has not been favourable and fibers from my favourite dyers have been become rather expensive. At RM80-110 per roving (prices here excluding shipping which is at least another RM40 per braid), you could say that spinning and knitting has become an expensive hobby…

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Nutty thins!

Mixed nut brittle

With Chinese New Year fast approaching (I have under two weeks to go!!!), I had to get cracking on some CNY goodies. While I was in a flurry of baking last year (for the open house at my mother’s place), this year, things got off to a very hazy and slow start. I couldn’t figure out if it was the soaping or just distractions in the form of spinning, lazing in front of the computer and knitting…

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Spinning well into 2015!

SS Handspun: Millefiori Lace

Wow, this blog has been quite for the longest time ever! I blame it on the soaping! Tehehehe. Anyway, I don’t ever recall spinning this much in three months, let alone a year. Somehow, during the Christmas break (and a few weeks prior to my Christmas vacation), I decided to focus on my other hobbies – spinning and knitting. The knitting didn’t fare so well but the spinning turned out to be quite fruitful. (At the rate I’m going, I may just decide to do a little spin challenge of my own…or something.) I managed to dive into my stash, decide what I wanted to focus on for the next couple of months and put my wheel to very good use…

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