I got rid of the old ones. Don’t even feel like talking about my problems with them. Lets just say that a lot of my online journals are now gone – completely erased, my account with this online forum (which I have been going to for over a year now) is gone…and frankly, I’m still reluctant to post here. *sighs* I’m hoping there will be a private function thing here but there doesn’t seem to be any. So no comments anymore. I am not even going to tell people about this blog. As far as I’m concerned, I’m going to treat this as something exclusive.

I won’t bring in old issues into this new place of mine. I won’t even post pictures of myself. There will be no names, and the least amount of references to stuff that will be going on in my life. I am kinda getting tired of changing addresses and changing my blog simply because people misunderstand me, people jump to conclusions and people get all hissy. I will start this journal by stating what I am and what I am not:

I am not perfect.
I am a regular nerd – I’m into reading, knitting and writing.
I have issues with people and where I live.
I can’t stand hypocritics.
I dwell on my problems in order for me to solve them.
I am overly sensitive.
I don’t think I’m pretty, smart or sexy or ‘holier than thou’.
I am too honest for my own good.
Words do hurt me, especially lies and unfounded criticisms.
I like to be me.

I suppose that is enough for now. I will write later…but when I feel like it I reckon. *sighs*

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