It has been slightly over two weeks since we moved from our old place in Areuse to the new one and the whole experience has left me quite in awe of people who move homes on their own.

Even though the distance was near, the trouble was that most of our items were located in Lyon…about 100 kilometres away. This included our cupboard, bedframe, mattress, dining table and chairs plus a refrigerator and a whole big boatload of stuff. We couldn’t get hold of a professional moving company – well, honestly, we couldn’t afford one with all the cost in transporting things between countries…

BUT if we had the money, I’d have definitely hired one. For starters, we didn’t really know what we were doing – we just packed stuff in and shoved them into three HUGE cars, courtesy of my mother- and father-in-law. We certainly didn’t make a checklist, and our change of address was only done like one day before the actual move!!!!!!!!! I certainly couldn’t help with the move because I was pregnant which added to the tension.

After the whole thing was over, things were crazy – because we didn’t label the boxes, we didn’t know what we chuck in some and Nil spent a day looking for some photos that he was supposed to send back to his grandmother. I hate to say it but we were really out of our league with this move…

We should have done more, like check out professional moving companies for tips or even a checklist. If there is a ever a next time, you can bet that I’ll be on those sites ASAP!

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Glasses & decanters

One of our first few wedding gifts was a set of decanter and four wine glasses from Nil’s cousins. I’m not much of a wine drinker but I can appreciate a good set of glasses when I see one.

So when this assignment came through in the form of wine glasses, I decided to see if I could find it on the website. The closest I got to the set we received is the Riedel set – stemless. Riedel appears to be a well-known name, a glassware company specializing in wine glasses and decanters (among other glassware items).

It is interesting to note that Riedel has a “Wine and Glass Guide” on their website – you’ll find that glasses for cognac is different from grappe or even port. Quite informational, even if you’re not into wines.


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What strikes you when you first see this word?

At first I thought it was some science fiction thing…Star Trek and the likes. But then when I did more digging (it was an assignment of some sorts – I get really weird ones these days), it turned out to be watches!!!!

Yup, Vacheron Constantine watches. And the best part is that it’s Swiss. Ohmygawd. Talk about being so kampung. According to the site,

Vacheron Constantin is officially the oldest watch company in Switzerland as it was established in 1755. It was simply called Vacheron untill 1814 when a third generation Vacheron took in a partner by the name of F Constantin to invest and take over the international marketing and sales for the company. From then on Vacheron and Constantin has strived to create only the finest, most complicated and beautiful timepieces in the world. In the 1980s Vacheron Constantin was purchased by the former Saudi Arabian OPEC minister Sheikh Yamani who sold it in 1996 to the Richemont Group (Cartier, Piaget, Baume & Mercier, Jaeger LeCountre and IWC. Vacheron remains the smallest of the super elite brands (Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet, Breguet et al) although they are flourishing under new management.

I’ve got to check this brand out when I head into town tomorrow! Strange coz I only see certain pieces like Mont Blanc, Swatch, etc…hm…

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Botox – the new solution!

For migraines?

Apparently, there is another solution for migraine sufferers out there (if you have the cash to spare anyway) – botox! Botox for migraines is one of the treatments available at this headache center and while botox has been in use for more than 10 years in facial treatments, this center claims that

Scientific studies and our experience confirm the fact that Botox injections can indeed relieve migraine, tension and even daily headaches.

Side effects from Botox injections are very infrequent and mild.

As always I would definitely go on this with a little pinch of salt. It never hurts to check things out with a physician AND if there are less expensive alternative yet natural ways of treating migraines, I’d opt for that first. Still, it’s interesting to know that now you can get rid of wrinkles and your headache with ONE injection!

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Electronics I’m telling you I don’t need you!
I hate the fact that you always ALWAYS cost more than food.
I hate the fact that even though I say I don’t need you,
I would really love to own you.
Stand mixers, LCD screens, the latest kitchen electronics
Gadgets, I don’t need you!
But I sure as hell want you!

Don’t mind me, I’m just in a random mode – this is what happens when you’ve spent the weekend looking for electronics and gadgets that you really wish you had. I have my eye on this stand mixer by Bosch/Electrolux (I’m not picky) and an ice cream maker, and Nil wants to get a vaccuum cleaner together with gawd knows what else. Sometimes he has his eye on stuff but never gives it away. Makes buying presents tough…

ARGH! If only…well, maybe it’s time to check out that second hand shop in town. I did see some stand mixers on display!


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Creams and more creams!

I swear sometimes being a woman isn’t exactly what it’s all cracked up to be, especially when it comes to caring for our bodies!

Due to constant media exposure and the highly unrealistic expectations we put on ourselves and our bodies, we end up stocking a whole range of lotions and what-nots just so we can retain and enhance our youthful appearance. We look for reviews on the best moisturiser with anti-ageing properties, the top wrinkle cream of the century, and we can even go so far as to look for the best fat burner as well.

It doesn’t escape pregnant women – the hormones play havoc on our skin and stretch marks? Well, you can bet that if we can find a miracle cure for that, we’d get our hands on it as well.

You could say that I’m just ranting – I’m no different. I have two sets of moisturizers, a whole storage box load of creams, lotions and gels…and well, I’m a Body Shop nut. Go figure!

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Speaking of jewellery…

…I think medical ID tags never looked so funky and neither did I realize that you can have your medical ID in the form of a watch either!!! I don’t really have any use for such tags but I know of some people who wear them and most of the time they aren’t very trendy or stylish either – just practical.

So after checking this assignment out, I must say…we certainly have come a long way from the old school style of having a simple silver bracelet with the necessary information engraved onto the back of the plate. These days, you can have your medical ID on a money clip, dog tag and yes, like I mentioned before, a watch!

Style and function all in one!

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Mortgage lenders

I have always found banking difficult to grasp – maybe it’s because I’m not exactly a numbers kind of person. The basics are fine but everything else, like mortgage, loans and trust funds…well, I take a while to understand them and I usually do better if I get to do some research online.

Part of this assignment was to do a write-up on mortgage lenders – the angle and presentation is up to the writer. The only limitation is mentioning the link with its keyword and naturally a minimum word count of 60 per assignment.

While browsing through this mortgage lenders‘ site, I noticed that there are some calculators related to your budget and interests. There is a learning centre where you can discover more knowledge on consolidating equity (still a big word for me), and even how you go about applying for a mortgage…and more!

Now, it may not be applicable to the Swiss context but it’s better than knowing nothing – extra knowledge is always good!

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