Spindles: Field & Stream

Spindle: TTT Field & Stream

Field and Stream
Whorl | Dymondwood in Field and Stream
Shaft | Dymondwood in Turquoise
Total weight | 1.6 oz
From | Susan from Thomas Creations/Threads Thru Time

The last of my Turkish spindle finally arrived this morning after about 6-7 weeks in transit from Canada and it’s gorgeous to boot! My stash unfortunately is lying in boxes so this baby won’t see any action until we reach our new place (yes, more on that another day and when things are confirmed). In the meantime, I’ve decided to pick up my knitting – it’ll be another pair of socks but this time in a solid coloured yarn. This will be my travel project for the next couple of months. I might wind up another skein of yarn – my handspun – in yarn cakes just in case I finish the pair slightly earlier than expected. We’ll see how it goes…

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Spindles: Oklahoma Wildflower & Pau Amarello

Spindle: Oklahoma Wildflower by Threads Thru Time

Oklahoma Wildflower
Whorl | Dymondwood in Oklahoma Wildflower
Shaft | Dymondwood in Purple Passion
Total weight | 0.5 oz
From | Susan from Thomas Creations/Threads Thru Time

Spindle: Pau Amarello from IST Crafts

Pau Amarello
Whorl | Pau amarello, brass weighted
Shaft | Tulipwood
Total weight | (80mm) 10-14 gms
From | Ian from IST Crafts

Some new additions to my spindle collection.

These will probably one of the last few Turkish spindles that I’m getting as I have some from each weight group. I do like the look of certain woods (Bocote, Pink Ivory, burl woods, Sumac, etc) so will probably get those featured in other forms of spindles like supported spindles or my regular top whorl spindle.

I haven’t spun anything on my tiny TTT spindles nor the IST Craft one as I’m still focusing on finishing my Wensleydale on my Bosworth. It’s just faster to wind up a cop on a top whorl than making a nice “turtle” on a turkish but we’ll see how it goes. On top of that, we’re in the middle of a move – more on that later – so my entire stash is already in boxes…and yes, that includes my spindles as well!

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Spindles: Wild Berry

Spindle: Wild Berry Spindle: Wild Berry

I have been eyeing these spindles since I first saw them in the spindlers forum on Ravelry a while back. When Susan wrote in her group forum that the manufacturers of dymondwood were phasing out certain colours, especially the pinks, I knew I had to get some in my favourite colours. I had missed out on the updates due to the time difference between Europe and California (or PDT area) and the call out for anyone who was destashing didn’t give me much results (I did snag one but that has yet to arrive in the mail). So when she announced that she was updating with some spindles, I just had to get one…even if it meant surfing the night in the middle of the night for all sorts of things (door stops, anyone?) just to catch an update. Tehehe.

I must admit that this “colourway” was not on my to-get list but I couldn’t shy away from the purple so I grabbed it. I tore into it the moment it arrived and was instantly amazed. It does live up to its name of being tiny! In fact, it’s so tiny that it fits in the palm of my hand. I am hoping to give this a go later on – I have plenty of spinning WIPs at the moment. So for now, it’ll just have to sit pretty in the spindle vase along with my other spindles. Tehehehe.

Wild Berry
Whorl | Dymondwood in Wild Berry
Shaft | Dymondwood in Purple Passion
Total weight | 0.4 oz
From | Susan from Thomas Creations/Threads Thru Time

Spindle: Wild Berry

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Spindle: Fleur de Lys & Juniper

These two lovelies arrived a while back and my, how they stand out.

The Fleur de Lys cutout (pictured below) has been on my spindle wishlist since I first saw them a while back. Mike makes lovely cutout spindles and the fleur de lys design is a new one – under six months old, I reckon. I managed to snag one in the most gorgeous of wood grain possible. The colour of the whorl/wood is much dark in real life. I took the picture in such a way that you could see the lovely wood grain.

Spindle: Fleur de Lys cutout

Fleur de Lys
Whorl | Bolivian rosewood
Shaft | Hard maple
Total weight | 1 oz
From | Mike from Spanish Peacock

Then there is the lovely, petite Turkish by Anne. Again, she really knows how to make turkish spindles that are easy to carry anyway, spin forever and just a joy to work on. Juniper is a lightly scented wood so this will definitely help to keep the little bugs away!

Juniper Turkish spindle

Juniper Turkish
Whorl | Juniper
Shaft | Walnut
Total weight | 20 gms
From | Anne from Bulle

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Spindle: Wild apple, amaranth and a Bossie

More spindle candy for you folks!

These arrived a few days ago with a little cutie I got from another Ravelry member who was destashing a huge stash of spindles and other goodies! As a result, my spindle bouquet is starting to take form. I’ll try to snap a pic once my collection is complete. Ohyes, it’s not finished yet. Tehehehehe.


Wild apple
Whorl | Wild apple, notched
Shaft | Walnut
Total weight | 24 gms
From | Matthes from here


Whorl | Purpleheart/amaranth, notched
Shaft | Maple, fully waxed
Total weight | 30 gms
From | Matthes from here


Cherry Mini
Whorl | Cherry
Shaft | Birch
Total weight | 16 gms
From | Bosworth from here

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Spindle: Amazon Rosewood Turkish & Purpleheart/Amaranth

A while back, someone commented that a good spouse is one who surprises a loved one with, say, a bouquet of flowers, and that my hubby should take a leaf out of the book.

If you’re not familiar with my husband, well, the only few times I received flowers from him was on my birthday and Valentine’s Day for one year…twice in the years that we have been together (nearly coming to 10 now). He may be French but he is not the stereotypical French romantic. In fact, his idea of romance is asking me what I want or teasing me to high heaven or listening to me talk about my blogging assignments like scouting for metal church chairs. Heh.

One thing I must say though is that despite his lack of romantic gestures, he is supportive of my hobbies and whenever a little (or large) parcel shows up in our mailbox (and it’s for me), he just smiles and go “You got something huh?”. My mother did ask him about it; all he said was that he gave up on getting me to stop stashing a long time ago.

“As long as she’s happy, I am okay with it.”

So yeah, my hubby may not buy me flowers; he gets me spindles instead!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The latest acquisitions from a French spindle maker, Anne from Bulle. She makes lovely spindles, especially supported and Turkish spindles. Aren’t these babies pretty?

Spindle: 0.7 oz Amazon Rosewood Turkish Spindle

Amazon Rosewood Turkish
Whorl | Amazon Rosewood Turkish
Shaft | Beech
Total weight | 0.7 oz
From | Anne from Bulle

Spindle: 0.88 oz Purpleheart/Amaranth Top Whorl Drop Spindle

Whorl | Purpleheart/Amaranth
Shaft | Beech
Total weight | 0.88 oz
From | Anne from Bulle

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Spindle: Pink Sea Jasper

Spindle: 1.0 oz Pink Sea Sediment Jasper Stone Top Whorl Drop Spindle

Pink Sea Jasper
Whorl | Pink sea sediment jasper stone; 50mm diameter
Shaft | Carved hardwood
Total weight | 1 oz
Total length (including hook) | 9 3/4 inches
From | Tina’s Angoras

Ain’t this gorgeous? 🙂

When I first saw this on sale, I fell in love with it instantly. It reminded me of Eva and how much she loves pink. When it arrived, I couldn’t help but marvel at the flow of the colour, the intertwining veins…a flawless beauty!

Spindle: 1.0 oz Pink Sea Sediment Jasper Stone Top Whorl Drop Spindle

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Paua shell spindle

Paua shell spindle from BGD

Just as Nil and I were getting ready to leave for France two Fridays ago, my spindle from BGD arrived all nicely packaged. I never managed to open it until yesterday. It came unassembled – the whorl is removable, which is great – and putting it together is easy work.

The shell is amazingly gorgeous; the dark blue and turquoise swirls are simply mesmerising! I haven’t really started spinning with this yet, so I can’t say for sure if it spins long but I do know that it’s awfully light – it’s at least double the weight of my other spindle, The Baa Spindle. What I do know is that it’ll be great for spinning those laceweight singles!

Now only if I can finish up this weaving AND knitting…

Paua shell spindle
Bottom Whorl | Paua shell, 2 inches
Shaft | hardwood, carved top
Total weight | 0.5 oz
Total length (including hook) | 10 inches
Cost | USD24
From | Butterfly Girl Designs

On the side, at least all this is better than writing about acne experts; am seriously getting tired of these assignments. Gimmesomethinginteresting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The shell

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