The days will be filled…


…with plenty of job hunts…I hope I can find more companies or at least hear from them…

Spinning up some orange sherbet!

…spinning…I must remember to predraft instead of rushing to do what the pros do. =.=

Just for the hikes and walks!

…and exercise, specifically more four/five hour hikes and evening brisk walks. I need to lose some weight (gained from every darn holiday trip!). BAH!

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Yarn pOrn!

Time to flash my stash! (This is just half of what I got since arriving but never mind…)

Btw, did I mention that I’m planning to get some more roving? I just can’t decide if I should or not!


100% new wool merino (Orange Sherbet) 100% new wool merino (Lime Spring Lorna Laces Cornucopia (Ravelry Destash buy) (Verde Oliva) (Celtic Tale) (Freesia) Phildar Lambswool Phildar Preface (Multi red) Phildar Preface (Brown)

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Another hobby!

Orange Sherbet goodness!

I know. I know. I really ought to stop picking up so many hobbies but seriously, when you are not working (writing about things like Austin Air air purifiers do not count!) and have heaps of time on your hands, hobbies are one of the things that keeps a person sane…not to mention occupied.

Anyway, this isn’t really a new hobby. I picked it up last year but somehow shelved it aside when work got crazy and never quite picked it up again when the wedding plans came like a storm. The fact that I left my DIY spindle and rovings at home after I moved to Switzerland didn’t help one bit at all!

Nevertheless, of lately, I have been getting that spinning bug and well, almost all my readers know that once I get a bug, it’s only a matter of time before I succumbed. I put some of my hard-earn moolah into getting a custom-made handmade spindle from Spinsanity. Shannon is a gem and excellent with her hands; she makes the spindles by herself and paints them as well. I got her to paint mine with a sheep…I know, how typical!

So while waiting for my spindle to arrive, I stopped by the local hypermarket (20 minutes bus ride to and fro from town) to purchase some squishy soft roving. They were for felting but can be used for spinning. These little babies come in either 25gms or 50gms and I ended up getting 200gms. After separating them and then braiding them into four bundles, they are now finally ready for some serious spinning. Oh, there is also my shopping cart over at which contains three 100gms rovings. *drools*

Ok ok…I should stop.

Btw, I am experimenting with my photo displays so do bear with the change in text.

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Being broadbandless – Day 3


Remember that gorgeous hot pink roving I was talking about? I got addicted to it….horribly addicted. Don’t know whether to cry or not. Feel like spinning this light pink roving I got and plying them together. GAHHHHH!


While taking a break from spinning, I got Blue Dreams off the makeshift bobbin and onto the skeining process, which I think I screwed up because it looked like it was felted instead. I seriously need to practice on skeining stuff.


Hm…should I ply this with grey or blue OR both? Bah. Hate making decisions like this. This is less than an ounce so I can’t even knit anything decent with it. O’well…I ordered from rovings from Carolyn; she’s a gem! Taught me how to skein spun singles and stuff. Can’t wait for the parcel to come – I’ll be collecting it from Nil though. Having it sent to France instead. YAY for New Year spinning sessions!


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Being broadbandless – Day 2

So without the Net, guess what I did?


Yes…more spinning and knitting.


I didn’t exactly have much success with Blue Dreams – I think I ended up felting the wool while I was trying to skein it. Maybe I even put too much twist into my spins. Heh.


While waiting for it to set on this mooncake box which I turned into a temporary bobbin, I decided to practise spinning singles with this very lovely hot pink roving. The results? Delicious…like candy!

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Spinning away!


Now I know that knitting has become an obsession of mine…well, actually yarn to be exact. BUT…but my latest craze is spinning and the lovely gorgeous fibres that they come in! ZOMIGOD…SPINNING!

But wait, I haven’t exactly spun anything!


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