New additions!

And it’s all from one of my favourite dyers – Julie from JulieSpins. All pics are taken from her store (she takes superb pics!). Hehehehe.

il_fullxfull.749764480_dfii 17111688805_4a61e6b3f8_b 16489251944_333231260a_b provence_merino_silk_1a_medium

These are mostly 50-50 merino-silk with the exception of one of them which is a gorgeous superwash merino-nylon blend which I’m planning to turn into socks. I like the sheen and softness that 50-50 merino-silk gives and it’s my new favourite fiber blends. I reckon these would be just nice for a shawl – laceweight, me thinks! *grin*

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New stash additions!

First batch of handdyed yummies in three years!

I have been on a yarn and fiber diet for quite some time (it’s been two years!) and since my birthday last year, I’ve been treating myself to a one or two braids of roving here and there. Trouble with that is that since I left France, US postage plus the foreign exchange has not been favourable and fibers from my favourite dyers have been become rather expensive. At RM80-110 per roving (prices here excluding shipping which is at least another RM40 per braid), you could say that spinning and knitting has become an expensive hobby…

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Breaking my fibre fast!

Stash: Milk protein roving Stash: Silverwater BFL-Silk from Juliespins Stash: Spring BFL-Silk from Juliespins

(Pictures above are taken from the seller.)

I broke fast a couple of weeks ago and bought three gorgeous braids from a fellow Ravelry member; she destashes often and I just love going through the stuff that she puts up for resale because it’s just ultra gorgeous! These braids are from Julie Spins and another dyer – BFL-silk blends and a new one – milk protein. I’ve been hearing a lot about how smooth and silky it spins up so will see how that goes. I might go fine as in laceweight with these three braids but am still undecided about whether to ply them or not.

In the meantime, excuse the semi-hiatus on this blog (and the rest, actually). The shop, kids and world events have been keeping me busy and inspiring me to reprioritise my life…all for the better, I feel. 🙂

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Stash enhancements 2013: Part I

Fiber stashing 2013: Part I

(Pictures above are taken from the store.)

It looks like I’m well into my stash enhancements for the year and it’s just January!

The recent shipping increase for international purchases from the US have put a damper on my stashing. It will now cost USD11 for a a 4 oz braid of fiber instead of USD5-6. Increments are still relatively low so it’s the first braid that will be hefty…unless I’m buying more – at least two braids instead of just one like before. I’m planning to reserve my purchases from the US for special colorways and fiber blends from my favourite sellers. I am also scouting for fiber sellers based in Europe to save on the shipping – so far, I have a few and am “trialling” one of them out (top & bottom left). Can’t wait to receive the braids and spin them up!

In the meantime, I’ve also started stashing up on Wollmeise yarns again but this time, I’m aiming for just semisolids instead of variegated colourways. It appears to be less hectic stocking up on WM yarns since the updates are very regular now – twice a week. My last purchase saw me getting three skeins of the 80/20 blend in Aquarius (turquoise blue), Pistache (green) and Himbeere (raspberry red/pink) and the We’re Different standard semisolid set in the 100% wool blend. As you can see in the picture below, they sent over a pastel pink shade (I think it’s Babe) and a soft brown (Feldmaus). I reckon the pastel pink will make for a nice flowery lace shawl so that’s definitely earmarked for prototype knits.

Yarn stashing 2013: Part 1

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Tour de Fleece, here I come!

Pic courtesy of JulieSpins

These are new stash additions – from JulieSpins and Hedgehog Fibres – to make up for the ones I plan to use up for Tour de Fleece, an annual spinning event that mimics the Tour de France. It’ll be my first time being part of the Tour and I’ve joined two teams – one for JulieSpins and another just for Rookies. Both teams don’t really have any rules save to use JulieSpins’ fibers for the Tour (which makes sense). So at the end of the day, it’s up to us to set our own goals and strive to achieve them. Some people take the opportunity to work on their spinning and spin up sweater quantities. Others opt for spinning challenging fibers or fibers that they have never worked with.

Pic courtesy of Hedgehog Fibres

I haven’t really thought about what I’d like to do except spin these braids up into the following weights:

  • JulieSpins Roving: 60% SW Merino, 30% Bamboo, 10% Nylon (Blue-Eyed Susan in 3 ply fingering)
  • JulieSpins Roving: 85% Humbug BFL, 15% Silk (Whole Grains in 2 ply laceweight)
  • JulieSpins Roving: Wensleydale (Raisin in either 2 ply or single ply laceweight)

If I have extra time, I might add another braid or two to the list – I seriously need to destash and make room for more yummy goodies. No, selling them is not an option! In the meantime, let me continue on a roll with my knitting and start working on possible first birthday invitations – if we ever get around to having a party. Heh.

Pic courtesy of Hedgehog Fibres

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New additions

I decided to give myself a little treat and join an unclub spree over at JulieSpins. She organizes a spree every month dedicated to those of us who don’t have the energy or finances to be part of a fiber club. One other advantage this spree has over fiber clubs is that we have a general idea of what to expect so we can opt out, if the colours or items are not particularly attractive.

This month’s unclub featured merino-cashmere-nylon bleed rovings and a humbug-silk. I wanted to bulk up my stash with some rovings meant for lace so I’ve been stashing up on silk-blends, and Julie’s colours have been very vibrant and rich. My pretties arrived on Monday but because my postbox can’t take anything thicker than the usual bank bills and such, I got a delivery notice instead, which meant that I’d have to wait till the weekend to get them.

The wait was definitely more excruciating than trying to figure out how to install a home theatre system but definitely worth it. As you can see, they are very pretty and I can’t wait to get started on them…once I finish my Ivy sweater, of course!!!

JulieSpins Unclub Dec 10 85% Humbug BFL - 15% Silk

JulieSpins Unclub Dec 10 85% Humbug BFL - 15% Silk

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My dyeing mojo is back!

Going back to some dyeing!

Before we moved to Singapore, I remember going through my shop stock and putting some aside so that I could continue the trade after Eva was born. But things got sidetracked (a lot, I’d say) when she came. Suddenly I was not just swamped with running errands and housechores but tackling a newborn and later an infant. Despite my crazy schedule and breastfeeding, I wasn’t on a quick weight loss diet at all.

So my undyed fiber and yarns sat in its box, waiting to be unpacked. Until today…

I finally got my arse moving and spent some time sorting the store stash before deciding on dyeing up about 900gms of undyed superwash merino. It was a little tough trying to get started, especially with the colour combinations and mixtures but once that was settled, I discovered that dyeing can be quite fun although time-consuming and utterly tiring. It made me feel like a little kid again, playing with all those colours and imagining things again after months of routine and schedules with a child.

As the fibers sit on the clothes dryer, water dripping from its dyed ends, I’m awfully tempted to open up my handdyed fiber and yarn store again. But that’s just the keyword “awfully tempted”. I don’t know if I’ll have the stamina to do this regularly once I start work. Hm. We’ll see how it goes.

In the meantime, I’m happy – my dyeing mojo is back!!!

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