Stash enhancements 2013: Part I

Fiber stashing 2013: Part I

(Pictures above are taken from the store.)

It looks like I’m well into my stash enhancements for the year and it’s just January!

The recent shipping increase for international purchases from the US have put a damper on my stashing. It will now cost USD11 for a a 4 oz braid of fiber instead of USD5-6. Increments are still relatively low so it’s the first braid that will be hefty…unless I’m buying more – at least two braids instead of just one like before. I’m planning to reserve my purchases from the US for special colorways and fiber blends from my favourite sellers. I am also scouting for fiber sellers based in Europe to save on the shipping – so far, I have a few and am “trialling” one of them out (top & bottom left). Can’t wait to receive the braids and spin them up!

In the meantime, I’ve also started stashing up on Wollmeise yarns again but this time, I’m aiming for just semisolids instead of variegated colourways. It appears to be less hectic stocking up on WM yarns since the updates are very regular now – twice a week. My last purchase saw me getting three skeins of the 80/20 blend in Aquarius (turquoise blue), Pistache (green) and Himbeere (raspberry red/pink) and the We’re Different standard semisolid set in the 100% wool blend. As you can see in the picture below, they sent over a pastel pink shade (I think it’s Babe) and a soft brown (Feldmaus). I reckon the pastel pink will make for a nice flowery lace shawl so that’s definitely earmarked for prototype knits.

Yarn stashing 2013: Part 1

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Noah's new pompom hat

Pattern | Pompom Bear by Amanda Keeys (0-6 mths)
Yarn | Merino Worsted 3 ply in Blue & Bluish
Needles | 6 mm circulars
Ravelry project page here

Noah’s current hat is getting a little tight around the ribbing and he has long been unable to fit into his Bluey Hat so I decided to make him another (blue) hat! I didn’t want to start using a fresh ball of yarn so decided to go with whatever that was left. This plus Koolhaas ate one entire skein so I’m a happy camper – no more bits and pieces of yarn to deal with.

Definitely a fast knit (I finished in under two days but you could do it in less than a couple of hours if you didn’t have other distractions) and a great way to use up all that leftover yarn! Can’t wait to get him in it tomorrow when we head out to buy some fruits.

In the meantime, the Malaysian group of knitters have decided to start a group project – a granny square throw – for a fellow member as a wedding present. Each person is supposed to crochet two 8″ squares in lilac or pink. While my stash has some of these colours, they are mostly in wool or non-machine washable yarn. I ended up selecting my handspun yarn for the squares. Figured that since the skein is too small for any other project, it should give me two nice squares. We’ll see how it goes.

The yarn for a group crochet piece

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Possible Christmas projects…

KnitPicks Chromo Fingering

…if I can finish up Eva’s sweater and my Jaali shawl as well as work on my usual review assignments – one of which is the one on cheap sexy lingerie. These days, all I ever do is breastfeed (Noah is latching on for all his feeds so YAY!), pump milk (to maintain my supply), entertain Eva, do the laundry for both two kids and the adults, cook dinner…thankgoodness my parents are around to help although I will need to figure out a schedule of some sort when they have gone home.

Anyway, a while back, I ordered some Chromo Fingering yarn from Knitpicks. It is a gradient/self-striping single ply yarn which is great for socks as well as other things like scarves and even shawls (although I suspect the nylon component bit will give it a bit more stretch than I would like while blocking). Because of how the colours flow from one to another, complicated sock patterns are definitely out of the question so I reckon I’ll have to stick a simple rib and/or stockinette stitch topped off with a ribbed cuff.

As for the scarves, I intend on fixing up the weaving loom and combining this yarn with some Wollmeise or The Knittery yarn that I have in my stash. It’s about time that I stash working on reducing my stash – not so much to add more to it but just to move it around. Hm. That doesn’t sound quiet right. O’well…I reckon the scarves should just be perfect for winter and make quick gifts. Hm.

That is IF I can finish them in time. Kekekeke.

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Handdyed Comfy Sock in Rainbow

I got a new equipment in for the store and decided to test it out. After churning a good five blanks and painting them, I came up with some gorgeous colourways. Unfortunately, my blanks came away too tight for some and what’s worse was that I had dropped stitches, which I salvaged, for a few and those resulted in me having to break the yarn and join it. Knots plus spotty yarn will not do for the store so they ended up in my stash instead.

Handdyed Superwash Merino in Reflection

I have a couple of projects in mind for these babies – most probably socks and shawls, especially for the 100% superwash merino yarn base. But first, to complete my brother’s commissioned knitting. Hat No 3 is coming on awfully slow so I might take some time out to work on that and more blanks for the store. On a completely different note altogether, I wish I’d get other reviews to work on apart from the usual stuff like thrush treatments – in case you’re wondering, yogurt works wonders and I’d stay away from anti-fungals!

Handdyed Comfy Sock in Peach Grape

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Stash enhancements!

I simply couldn’t resist building up my stash again! Yes, yes, I know I really need to work on busting them but Wollmeise of lately has been too tempting and well, other yarns like The Knittery colourways are just too precious to NOT stock up on. Considering that I don’t do stuff like buy diet pills, go clothes or shoe shopping like there is no tomorrow, Nil actually ignores my stashing. I reckon he has just plain old given up on it!!!! Anyway, here’s a look at some of the goodies which I grabbed recently!

Wollmeise Die Auster The Knittery Merino-Cashmere in Kelim The Knittery Merino in Moonlight SweetGeorgia Silk Lamb Lace in Blackberry (photo from destasher)

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Stashing woes.

Silk-Wool Lace in Electric Blue

One good thing about running a handdyed shop is that you get to bulk up your own yarn stash from your own dyeing. Well, that and the fact that you can aim to get the colours of your choice. Why I say aim is because what you desire often isn’t 100% what you get from the dyepot. Above is one of the silk-wool yummies I have called my own although Nil is trying to get me to sell whatever I can – FAT CHANCE!!!! It is just too lovely to pass up!

I have put up the two below for sale at the shop but am getting tempted to dye up another batch just for keeps. The trouble with all this is that I’m way behind on my knitting – am building up a stash faster than I can knit!!! The yarn above plus about four skeins of Manos and another seven skeins of Malabrigo for a commissioned knitting project (more about that later) is definitely going to add to my budget. Still, I must thank the person behind the commissioned knitting. I get to shop for yarn guilt-free!

I’m hoping that once the knitting bug catches on (and it IS catching on), I’ll be back onto the knitting bandwagon. I owe Nil a couple of socks and at least two sweaters which will go well with some shirts that he has!

Silk-Wool Lace in Pumpkin
Superwash Cash-Wool Sock in Denim & Suede

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Going Wolly!

woll_campari woll_ama woll_rosen woll_eben

After what seemed like ages, I finally got my hands on some prized Wollmeise yarns!!!

Yes, I broke my yarn diet by cheating – somewhat like getting fat burners to help you lose weight instead of sticking to a healthy diet and good exercise regime. And yes, with the packing and all…but really, I just couldn’t resist!

I’ll be frank – it wasn’t easy trying to get her yarns. Updates are weekly and I always miss them. It took me about a couple of weeks of stalking the Wollmeise online store (thanks to Lois and her constant reminders) before I finally got the colours that I simply adored. I missed a few along the way (Zenzi is hot on my wanted list), no thanks to Nil – he forgot to wake me up and all.

But hey, I’m a happy trooper with these four colours. *squishness*

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Be still, my heart.

Superwash Merino-Bamboo Sock Yarn in Blood Orange in Wine

I always love looking around my stash after not touching it for some time. In fact, the last time I actively looked through my entire stash was a couple of months back. Now why is this so? Because I never fail to find a little gem hidden away somewhere each time – just like finding sterling silver jewelry among my earrings! This time, I found three! Now how super is that? And just when I have been hankering for some serious sock yarn shopping… The fact that The Knittery – one of my favourite handdyers – had decided to go into temporary retirement didn’t help the situation one bit!

Superwash Sock Yarn II in Watermelon

Anyway, just in case you are wondering, these yarns are my own handdyes from the last time I toyed around with the dyepot in November last year. As fun as it had been dyeing up a storm, I’m not about to risk things and start again even though I have a few solutions leftover from the last dye session. These little babies are basically my shop’s two base yarns – superwash merino sock and superwash merino-bamboo.

Superwash Merino-Bamboo Sock Yarn in Cherry & Bordeaux

Honestly, I can’t wait to get back to dyeing. I miss playing with dyeing up these yarns and I have a few colour combos and techniques that I’d like to experiment with but I doubt we’ll see any action even after the birth. O’well…I guess I’ll just have to go back to fondling these yarns instead; I won’t be keeping all three skeins though. One of them will be off to a friend for some good ole’ fashioned gifting and the rest? Back to the stash pile!


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