Leg warmers: Progress report II

Side view of my leg warmers!

Well, I’m glad to say that I finished ONE side of my Wine leg warmers after deciding to scrap the project and restart again with a pattern. Stockinette stitch alone is just so plain. Seriously.

I incorporated two rows of cables (k1, sl 2 to cn, k2, k2 from cn, k1) plus additional rows of ribbing (k2, p2) to give it some tightness around the calf and feet. Best part about this is that you can wear it the other way around too (opposite from what you see there in the pic)! Can’t wait to finish this and get started on my fingerless gloves in candy green yarn I bought the other day…


On the side, I totally advocate buying knitting tools online. Bought a set (4 needles 20cm long) of 4mm bamboo/wood DPNs the other day only to find out that I could have easily gotten FOUR different sets (5 needles 20cm long) of wood DPN if I had bothered to buy them from this online shop on ebay.com. Mind you, shipping was included in the price. Felt totally ripped off.

Knitting is still an expensive hobby in Malaysia. Pity actually because you can save so much just by knitting stuff.

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Leg warmers: Progress report I

So I started on the leg warmers today with a little help from knitting.com’s video on knitting with double pointed needles (DPNs).


It was a little ackward trying to negotiate those thin metal needles without poking myself in the eye or the chest or wherever they were pointing to. Really scary. Seriously. No wonder heaps of knitters have this phobia about knitting with DPNs.


Anyway, I’m really glad I did this project – the yarn feels great even though it’s a substitute and I wasn’t exactly sure if the pattern would fit this Spanish yarn. I still have a bit of problems negotiating the needles but my hands have somewhat established a pattern to follow and it makes things so much easier.

Online Cora

Of course it didn’t help that by the end of the day, I totally succumbed to yarn fever and bought two balls of the most lucious-looking yarn. Am thinking of making some fingerless gloves with them but only when I finish this project and/or my lace scarf-shawl, whichever comes first.

Ohlala...candy green!

In the meantime, it’s just knit, knit and knit!


[UPDATE] I have taken this whole thing apart because I wasn’t too happy with the plain stockinette stitch. Am going to jazz it up with ribbing and…CABLES! BOOOOOYAH! :peace:

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Of potential boredom and warmers.

It’s amazing how the bored mind can come up with heaps of projects at one go if one has the willpower to do so.

Suddenly I’m bombarded with a myriad of knitting ideas and “wants”, eg that ultra gorgeous yarn at elann.com which I know I shouldn’t get but want to get just because it looks so delicious. Never mind that I still have a storage box full of yarn to de-stash and turn into useful garments. Never mind that I only have two hands and can concentrate on, at most, two projects at one go.

Bomboozilling to know how work is suddenly dead quiet and that it’s perfectly okay to knit compared to surfing the web aimlessly for days and hours, wasting bandwidth (or say as they always say).

So yeah, I have my little lace diamonds scarf-shawl AND a pair of leg warmers PLUS a soon-to-be-added pair of fingerless gloves. Hope to finish the latter two projects in time for my trip to France end of this year. Ooooo…chilly weather!

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Pink baby hat

Finally, it’s done – something other than a scarf!


What you need
1 x 45g ball Milon No 10
1 x 45g ball Milon No 46
1 pair of 3.25mm knitting needles
1 pair of 4.5mm knitting needles
Crochet hook

20-22 sts to 10cm (4 inches)

Pattern can be found here. Meant for newborn babies and can be resized for premmies.

Now I’m off to work on my other projects. Can’t figure out what to start with though. Gah.


ps: It would appear that I’ve been knitting this the wrong way. Instead of ending up with a normal stockinette stitch, I got a twisted stockinettet stitch. Thank heavens for knitting forums and online knitting videos!

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Knitting galore!

Since last week, I’ve been getting myself back into the jive of knitting. It has been a while since I last picked up those darn needles – I had gotten tired of knitting the same thing every single time – scarves. My knitting stash (I should take a snap shot of the yarn in my storage box) is hardly decreasing and well, I need to kill time and get those fuzzy balls moving!

After dropping off a warm brownish-cream scarf to Nil as a going-away gift, I decided to embark on a tiny project for two colleagues who are welcoming little bundles of joy. I tried to knit some booties at first but it didn’t really quite work out (am still trying to understand the damn pattern). So I decided to work on baby hats instead and found a rather easy pattern to start off.

The blue baby hat has been already “shipped” off to my colleague so here is a glimpse of its twin in pink:

Great balls of yarn!

The pattern in the shadows

I am hoping to finish it by tonight after my class and start on my other new projects.

On the menu:
Ruffled baby hat
Leg warmers
Drop-stitch twist shawl
A simple wrap

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(Remember how I promised you guys pictures of the yarns I bought? Well, I just got them from Nil and they didn’t come out so nice coz I took them pretty late into the night with just the light from two lamps nearby. Gack. But anyway, fixed it up and voila! Yarnnnnn-funness!)

Pictures of the yarn I got in Singapore in three different colours – pink, red and brown. YUM!

Emotive Yarn
Composition: 79.5% Acrylic, 18% Mohair, 2.5% Polyester
Weight: 100g ball
Yardage: Approx. 120m/130yd
Retails at: SGD8.95 per ball

So what’s the texture like? Take a look-see for yourself.

*gets back to knitting a new scarf with the reddish coloured Emotive yarn*

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Knitting Project 1

You remember the yarns Nil got for me – my supposed birthday presents? Well, I finished one of my knitting projects. Am starting on another one now as part of my Christmas present bundle to France. But right now, here are the pictures (taken with Nil’s Canon Powershot A75)!

Feathers No 30

Panda Woolbale No118

Mix the two together and knit all the way. This is the result:

The fuzzy green scarf

A close-up of the scarf

I’ll be using this for my wintery trip to Lyon in December so you can bet your bottom dollar that it’s super fuzzy and warm. 😀

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YAY for Yarn!

Last week, I got Nil to get some yarn for me – since I don’t have any scarves for my impending trip to France. He gave me a call when he was in Spotlight and we picked yarns – with me on the Internet looking at the brand catalogue and him in the store.

We ended up with nearly 15 balls of yarn. Here are a few pictures of the stuff he bought – which incidently, he claims, is my birthday pressie. 😐

First up, I must apologize for the quality of the pictures. My camera has gone kaput and I had to settle for Mum’s, which IMHO, is not so good. I really need a new camera. *hint hint*

My ‘birthday’ pressie! 😀

In between the brownish-green yarns (on the right) and blueish-green yarns (on the left) is my current knitting project – a scarf with 2 knits and 1 purl stitches. Very lovely texture. Knitted with one 5mm needle and one 9mm needle to give it a more loose (but not too loose) feel.

The scarf (left), Woolball (middle) and Feathers (right)

Three balls of Patons Feathers No 30 with two balls of Panda Woolball 50 gm No 118. Feathers has a short soft eyelash texture to their yarns and is 65m long, while Woolball is a little on the coarse side and is 92m long. My scarf is currently about six inches wide and I’m planning to use up everything and make it to about six feet or more long.

Scandal (left) and Rhumba (right)

Five balls of Panda Rhumba No 8661 with four balls of Panda Scandal No 48. Rhumba has a very delicate yet soft long eyelash texture to it and is 36m long (which explains why I need about five balls). Scandal has a more bumpy, loopy-like texture and is 46m long.

All the yarns above except for Patons are around SGD5 per ball. Patons Feathers retailed for around SGD6 per ball – which is considered cheap when you discover that these brands and textures do not exist in M’sia – to my knowledge anyway. Even if they do, they are around RM40 to RM80…hardly worth a buy, actually.

The grand total? Nil rounded it up to SGD80. Not bad for 14 balls of yarn, eh?

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