Great things come with yarn.


My yarn order from Maryann is in! Super super delicious ten balls of Jaeger Trinity all ready for my next project. Except that I still have the fourth hat from Oz Hatfest to complete. Never mind. Yarn always makes me happy.

Then a friend pops by online and helps me take some orders for the most beautiful natural fibre yarn ever – Euroflax Originals (in either Berry Red/Crabapple Blossom and Emerald/Sage) and Euroflax Paris (Nepture/French Blue/Aqua).

After that, I remembered that there was a knit meet-up this Saturday where I’ll be getting somemore yummilicious yarn from a fellow knitter-blogger. Planning on making some lace scarves and a shrug with it.

But the clincher???

If you dump me now, I’ll die in shame. I’ve been telling people that I’m gonna get married; married to you.


ps: A more thoughtful post on that will be coming up soon. I just want to be a goose right now! XD

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Oz Hatfest – Part III

Morning Sky Swirls

(Yes, that’s Morning Sky Swirls on my head covering all the gorgeous curls I got over the weekend!)

Just thought I’d list down the little beauties that I’ll be working on and the sex of the recipient.

The people trialling them? Myself and Dad – the lone male model. Pictures? Soonish. I must say though, Dad looks fantabulous in Navy Cablerine.

  • Blue Swirls – F
  • Navy Cablerine – M
  • Morning Sky Swirls – F
  • Cablerine Noir – M
  • Morning Sky Cablerine – F
  • Midnight Cablerine – M
  • Maroon Swirls – M
  • Lollipop Candy Cablerine – F
  • Sunshine Swirls – F
  • Lollipop Sunshine Swirls – F
  • Earthy Swirls – F
  • Lilac Cablerine – F

Soon…I’ll be done soon! 🙂

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Anyone wants yarn for cheapo prices?

I’m somehow super bored of making scarves and the stuff I initially bought as a beginner are pretty useless for non-scarf projects. So I’m thinking of giving them away for EITHER free or a very very dirt-cheap stupidly low price.

Haven’t exactly made up my mind yet though…so if you’re interested, just drop me a comment and I’ll contact you via email.

If no one wants them ballies, then I’ll probably “donate” or trash it. =.=

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Oz Hatfest! – Part I


Eleven hats.
Four weeks of non-stop hat knitting.
Yarns of different shades costing up to half of what I’m being paid for my web project.

It had better be priceless!

I’m officially bankrupt for this month and the next too. Why o’ why can’t knitting be a cheaper hobby here? *sigh* Question now is this: who’s going to get what colour and in what pattern? GAHHH!


Anyway, all other knitting projects are officially on hold until I get these shipped to Sydney for some very wonderful people (and one irresistable arrogant little sod! ^.~) – sometime around the first two weeks of December.


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Christmas gifts now?

From gettyimages

I seriously must be nuts.

I have somehow crazily decided to knit about four hats and four lace scarves eleven hats; all of which require new yarn since I left the recipients the option to pick the colour they wanted. So far, I have some blues, pinks and even a green; no, the list isn’t even complete!

I don’t know why I sent that blasted email…all I do know is that now I can’t back out. *smacksself* Now don’t get me started on the time I’ll need to mail them over. Gah.


ps: I have now christened this event as Oz Hatfest and will soon post an update with yummilicious yarn! I hope I won’t go bankrupt!

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Ohmigod! More yarn!

Yarn porn!

This isn’t nothing compared to someone I read about all the time but it’s a lot for me. Plus I just got word that Nil is sending over some yarn (don’t know how much though but I doubt it’s hardly a few measly balls!).

OHYES, happiness!!!! *dances*

Lets see…

  • 2 x Sirdar Denim Chunky
  • 1 x Sirdar Country & Town Style DK
  • 2 x Sirdar Silk Look
  • 4 x Sonata Print Colour
  • 2 x Sonata Print Solid

Projects? A OSW, two hats (just need to find the damn beads now), one Fetching and three simple ribbed fingerless gloves which I’ve been commissioned to work on.

ps: I got an offer but I think I love my current job too much (unbelievable!) to move.

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Midnight Madness

Midnight Madness and Twilight Flickers- both current WIPs for some very nice and sweet people I know. (You know who you are…so shhh, no telling!) Nothing special; just…pick-me-up gifts to cheer up a gloomy day or two.

Twilight Flickers

Besides, I need to destash…badly.


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