Keto bread

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After that cookies, I decided my hand on more advanced baked keto goodies such as keto biscottis and bread. Yes, when you are a bread lover, going keto can be very painful.

The bread recipe I used as my base (I think this is the recipe – it has been a while and I hardly document my keto recipes these days) was pretty simple – it called for almond or coconut flour, a ton of eggs (great if you have a dozen which have been sitting in the fridge for ages) and basic ingredients such as baking powder and salt.

A few tips tho – fold in the egg whites and it helps with volume and this sticks to the pan like crazy so use a silicon mat in your loaf tin unless you fancy scrapping the sides of your pan and eating crumbs.

I have this with some butter and sugar-free strawberry preserves when I am feeling the mood for some baked “bread”. It’s a decent sub but nothing beats actually chomping down on bread…*heaven*

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