Midori and journaling

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A year has flown by and I just realised that I never got around to share about one of my new loves – journaling. I picked it up again before I left for France in 2015 and dove into it without hesitation. My earlier entries saw me capturing a lot of text with sporadic bursts of colour here and there.

After a few months, I realised that I was running out of words and well, things were much simpler when you have more pictures and “stuff” to enter in as well. So I added in a whole bunch of other things – washi tape, drawings, random quotes and scribbles, titles in different fonts. Once, I nearly filled up an entire page of nothing but washi I purchased online.

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And yes, it was also how I go into calligraphy and later on, painting. Painting food, flowers, whatever.

Journaling also allowed me to blog about my travels – something I had always wanted to do, and at one point in time, did (in 2002, I bought an A3 sized journal with black pages and tried to capture my year in Australia – I never finished it). For each trip, I would plot out pages with one word scribbles in pencil on what I wanted to write on each page and then slowly fill it up with either sketches, maps and “souvenirs” such as stamps, stickers, ticket stubs, etc.

Our trip to Sri Lanka took up about five spreads (10 pages) while our trip to Sandakan took up three spreads (6 pages).

This allowed me to “skip” certain pages and move on to other things. Of course it also meant that I would never get around to finishing a spread (or spreads – hahaha) until a few months later depending on 1) how busy I was, 2) my mood for penning down things that happened much earlier, and 3) what I could remember.

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Either way, it is something I quite enjoy these days. I have since graduated to two leather covers (one bright Fuschia with a wider cut, different books for different things (record-keeping for my spinning, one blank for general & travel stuff and another for self-Bible study notes), and recently, I decided to add a monthly planner to my collection. I might just blog about my setup another time.

I also bought a Traveler’s Notebook Passport which I will use primarily for practising my copperplate – it’ll be a quotes collection of some sorts…but honestly tho, I haven’t quite figured out what I’d do with it. We’ll see…

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