Still painting away but…

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…I still need to go back to basics. Because of my calligraphy work, I tend to hold the brush pretty close to the tip which sort of limits my movement. It is great for detailed work but when it comes to loose big strokes, I struggle with it and as such, I have problems with certain portions of Yao Cheng’s online floral class…

For starters, my tulips are awful and I can’t seem to get my head around the peonies or anemones. But me being me, I just went along, couldn’t care less and started working on wreaths. At first I used just leaves but then I decided to add some flowers. Now I love using mini flowers on my wreaths but there is only so much you can do with that size of blooms.

So I’ll probably put florals and other elements aside first to work on my grip but this also means that I’ll have to retrain when I pick up my calligraphy pens as well. GAH!

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