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Here is a look at my favourite tools – it’s actually 90% of my calligraphy stash. The other 10% being spare nibs, paper (for practice and actual calligraphy work) and cleaning solution for my nibs. I don’t have any intentions of adding more to my stash, especially the holder and inks. This is mainly because I work primarily with just two nibs and for me, two holders is more than enough. With inks, even though I love working with colour, I enjoy the look and feel of walnut ink; it’s my to-go ink and I work with it almost all the time. (While black Sumi is nice, I hate the smell and what it does to my nibs!) …

Anyway, this is the list of what I have:


  • Universal oblique holder from Miles Calligraphy (bullock flange): I use this when I’m working with EF66 nibs.
  • Ornamental oblique holder from alceestore: I use this when working with Nikko G and similar sized nibs
  • Speedball oblique holder (not in pic)
  • Ergonomic cork straight holder (not in pic): I first starting calligraphy writing with a straight holder


  • Nikko G
  • Brause EF66
  • Brause Steno (Blue Pumpkin)
  • Leonardt Shorthand #40 (Hiro 40)


  • Walnut ink (crystals)
  • Kuretake Sumi ink
  • Winsor & Newton Calligraphy Inks: White, Crimson, Violet, Apple Green
  • Winsor & Newton Drawing Inks: Blue
  • Sumi ink from Daiso (still unopened)
  • Finetec in Arabic Gold and Sterling Silver
  • Finetec in Moiree shades
  • Gouache and metallic paints from Bangkok

Paper & writing pads

  • Rhodia dot and grid pads in A4
  • 100gsm weight paper suitable for laser/ink printing


  • Huion lightpad
  • Dinky dips for my loose inks/pre-mixes
  • Microglaze for waterproofing envelopes (especially handy when using walnut ink on envelopes

Yes, I have already too much!

Most of these items were bought locally in Malaysia from Stickerrific in Petaling Jaya and alceestore but if you don’t mind the exchange rate, you can find some, especially the holders and inks, from Paper & Ink Arts in the US or Overjoyed in Singapore.

If you’re interested in learning more about pointed pen calligraphy, especially copperplate, here are two of my favourite sites to visit: Flourish Forum and The Postman’s Knock. Flourish Forum has a tutorial on the copperplate calligraphy style for members which is free and very handy. It comes with drill sheets and such. Lindsey from The Postman’s Knock has really good reviews on inks, nibs and holders plus tutorials if you’re feeling more adventurous and would like to try out calligraphy art.

Hope this has been helpful and has given you an idea of what to purchase and where to get these items from! Happy weekend!

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