WIP: Romney in Tideline

Romney in Tideline from Hello Yarn

Hello Yarn…a very much sought-after and stalked (by me, of course) dyer whose fiber club waiting list (yes, not even the club itself) spans 1.5 to 2 years! In the past, I’ve only ever managed to rely on destashes to get some rovings and even then, most prefer to ship within the US (where the dyer is based)…

I was lucky to snag this gorgeous roving – plus a handful of others – from a lovely Ravelry member whom I check out regularly for destash stock-ups. She has gorgeous additions and she is fine with shipping to me.

I must admit, I wasn’t a really big fan of this colourway when I first saw it. Then I saw the finished skein, especially when chain-plied and fell instantly in love. I have never tried spinning with Romney before. My usual spin blends include BFL, merino, cashmere, nylon, bamboo, optim, silk, polwarth (very soft and bouncy), tencel (50% tencel with any wool isn’t fun), Wensleydale (very nice but can get wirey) and Gotland (pretty coarse!) so spinning was this was quite an eye-opener.

The wool is fuzzy (according to the non-spinner husband) but it’s easy to draft, longer staple than merino and a little bit softer than BFL (to me, that is). It’s not as bouncy as Polwarth and definitely require less grip than tencel or silk. A good thing too because after a few days of spinning 80-20 merino-silk cobweb weight singles, my fingers were starting to ache! (A friend suggested alternating different blends of fiber…which is actually a pretty nifty idea!)

I’m actually looking forward to seeing how the finished yarn will look…and in a knitted form. Am thinking of turning these into socks. Yes, striping plain ones! Simple yet rustic.

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