New stash additions!

First batch of handdyed yummies in three years!

I have been on a yarn and fiber diet for quite some time (it’s been two years!) and since my birthday last year, I’ve been treating myself to a one or two braids of roving here and there. Trouble with that is that since I left France, US postage plus the foreign exchange has not been favourable and fibers from my favourite dyers have been become rather expensive. At RM80-110 per roving (prices here excluding shipping which is at least another RM40 per braid), you could say that spinning and knitting has become an expensive hobby…

I remember ordering some fibers from the UK just before I left. At that time, I was planning to go back into my yarn and fiber dyeing business but instead, I got sidetracked with my soaping. So after Christmas, as things got pricey and purchasing things online became a rather expensive affair, I found a receipt detailing my unddyed fiber purchase and thought “Why not?”. I had a couple of custom blended fibers which I have never tried out so a couple of days back, I dug out my old dye powders – three YEARS old, to be exact (“would they still work?” was all I could think of). The fibers were then measured and braided before I got them soaking in a pail.

I was quite rusty and ill-equipped so that meant working with whatever I had at home. This involved lining EVERYTHING with foil to prevent cross contamination, buying squirt bottles (the seller asked if I was running a business – “Urmmmm, not really,” I told him) and then digging out rolls of cling wrap plus searching high and low for an old shirt that I could sacrifice to the cause.

The result in what you see in the pictures here. Admittedly, I couldn’t wait for these to dry – after a three year hiatus, I was excited. And I must say, I’m pretty stoked about it! 😀

BFL-Black Alpaca-Seacell in Rosewood BFL-Black Alpaca-Seacell in Atlantis SW Merino-Nylon in Firey Sea SW Merino-Nylon in Pacifica

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