Spinning well into 2015!

SS Handspun: Millefiori Lace

Wow, this blog has been quite for the longest time ever! I blame it on the soaping! Tehehehe. Anyway, I don’t ever recall spinning this much in three months, let alone a year. Somehow, during the Christmas break (and a few weeks prior to my Christmas vacation), I decided to focus on my other hobbies – spinning and knitting. The knitting didn’t fare so well but the spinning turned out to be quite fruitful. (At the rate I’m going, I may just decide to do a little spin challenge of my own…or something.) I managed to dive into my stash, decide what I wanted to focus on for the next couple of months and put my wheel to very good use…

SS Handspun: Rosebud SS Handspun: Heathered Glow

I have also started spinning up fibers that I previously didn’t really fancy. They didn’t fare so well when I tried to destash them – there are very few spinners here in Malaysia – so I thought to just spin it up and see what happens next. I could either use the handspun yarn or sell it off. There are some dyers that I fell in love with while I was working on these fibers – Hello Yarn is my new favourite. Their fibers are really hard to get a hold of as they have a long waiting list (for club colorways) and it’s like trying to shop for Wollmeise – updates get snapped up almost instantly, orders get cartjacked…well…you get the idea. I am still pretty much in a destash mode so I’ll probably put any plans for acquiring new fibers (apart from on my birthday!) on hold!

SS Handspun: Villain

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