WIP: Wensleydale

SS Handspun Wes Skein I

Ply | Single
Yardage | 483.1 m
Fibre | Simple Scarves Wensleydale in Magical Forest
Tool | Paua & amazon rosewood turkish spindles

This is still very much a stalled or on-going (depending on how you want to look at it) spin in progress. I did try working on the wheel with this but found out after a while that my spin style gave me rather wiry than soft halo-ish yarn so it’s pretty much on the spindle.

Anyway, I’m sharing it again because I simply love looking at it…the halo is utterly divine!

I do wish I had more time to spin and knit…am seriously missing it. I doubt I’d have a chance to do much of it – I need to get started on Christmas soaps and gift packs. O’well…

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