Breaking my fibre fast!

Stash: Milk protein roving Stash: Silverwater BFL-Silk from Juliespins Stash: Spring BFL-Silk from Juliespins

(Pictures above are taken from the seller.)

I broke fast a couple of weeks ago and bought three gorgeous braids from a fellow Ravelry member; she destashes often and I just love going through the stuff that she puts up for resale because it’s just ultra gorgeous! These braids are from Julie Spins and another dyer – BFL-silk blends and a new one – milk protein. I’ve been hearing a lot about how smooth and silky it spins up so will see how that goes. I might go fine as in laceweight with these three braids but am still undecided about whether to ply them or not.

In the meantime, excuse the semi-hiatus on this blog (and the rest, actually). The shop, kids and world events have been keeping me busy and inspiring me to reprioritise my life…all for the better, I feel. šŸ™‚

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