Orange Jasmine in bloom!

Orange Jasmine in bloom - March 2014

This isn’t exactly a typical dirt-to-dish post since you can’t really eat flowers but who’s keeping tabs?

After a really heavy-hand of pruning (I stripped the entire tree of all its leaves), our orange jasmine is finally blooming and wonderfully at that! For nearly two to three full days, the entire apartment was lightly scented with the perfume from these gorgeous flowers. Also, it now has branches coming out from the base of the main stem. All this thanks to regular watering and fertilising with organic manure, vermicompost as well as epsom salt.

To make the tree look a little neater, I’ve actually trimmed all leaves & stems from the bottom 5 inches of the tree. Hopefully, this will allow the tree to focus on giving out more leaves and flowers from the top instead of the bottom. Another reason for this pruning is because there isn’t much space on the balcony; I had to move my other jasmine tree to the landing area to make room for this one since it’s doing oh-so-well (it is now taller than my soon-to-be 5 year old!).

I was tempted to harvest this round of buds for an oil infusion but seeing that the tree had just gone through a rather dry spell last month (and especially more so when I was away for a week), I decided to leave the buds intact and on the tree. I might harvest the upcoming round of buds but it all depends on if the tree will give me a huge amount to begin with.

Orange Jasmine in bloom - March 2014

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