Knit: Poseidon Socks

FO: Poseidon Socks

Poseidon Socks
Pattern | Poseidon Socks by Elinor Brown
Yarn | JulieSpins Glimmer in Darkling
Needles | 2.25, 2.5 and 2.75mm DPN and circulars

I actually finished this before Chinese New Year but never got around to blogging about it (due to the pre-CNY pre, post-CNY trip and then the crazy time at the shop with V-Day promos) until now!

I was itching for a quick project to sort of give me a break from all the soap- and balm-making for the past couple of weeks (sounds like something that’s worse that a physical addiction to opiates). Socks seemed like a good pic and I had a nice stash of sock yarn to choose from. The problem was the pattern. I fell in love with the yarn by JulieSpins – she makes the loveliest, ultra saturated, rich hued yarns and fibres ever! – but picking a pattern (that I liked too) to ensure that the colour doesn’t pool or muddle out was quite a challenge.

I finally settled on this one by Elinor Brown which features a small amount of lace and nothing overly fancy. I stuck to my master sock formula for the heel which is basically a gusset and the Eye of Partridge heel flap. The socks fit really well, are utterly comfortable although I would love for the cuff to have some form of staying power. I reckon that could be easily remedied with some elastic thread that I’ll just have to handsew into the stitches.

I’m glad to see that for now, the Second Sock Syndrome is being kept at bay and I’ve also started making some headway into my stash. Destashing 2014 Year is looking quite promising…especially when you consider that I’m already working on another knit project! Tehehehe!

FO: Poseidon Socks

Ravelry Project Page Ravelry info available here.

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