Baby bok choy harvest

Veg planter Box 1 and 2

About a month ago, I sowed some Hong Kong choy sum and baby bok choy seeds in two new planters boxes that I bought – they were smaller than my usual but could still hold a sizeable amount of vegetables. Germination was fast and furious due to two factors: 1) organic fertiliser mixed into the soil with vermicompost and 2) epsom salt solution every two weeks.

We didn’t have much rain in the last month so I’ve had to watch the water level rates. The plastic bottle you see there was a recent addition to test how long each 375ml would last before it ran out. But the vegetables were already due for harvest so I might have to give this a miss for now.

I’m glad to report that I found earthworms – baby and average sized ones in three of the planter boxes (I have four) – and this is a good thing as earthworms makes the soil somewhat more fertile. As usual, no pesticides or synthetic fertiliser. Once in a while I’ll use what I call as “fish water” which is just fish innards washed with water. The solution which is rich in nutrients makes for a fantastic organic fertiliser. Rice water works well although I’ve never tried it (I know people who swear by it).

Below the planter boxes is my screwpine bush which has grown from one plant to 3.5 now with three shoots coming off from the main plant (this is when you start to see aerial roots). The pot is getting a little small for the size so it’s time to go get a new one and repot the entire plant. I’m not sure if I want to separate the suckers – it’ll just be seeing some repotting action for now.

Here are the kids showing off the harvest for today. Dinner was punctuated every so often with “WAHHHHH” and “Mum mum” from Noah – they finished every single bite of veg! Happiness! Tehehehe.

Full harvest

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  1. Wow! Very successful! My attempt was still skinny and sprout-like after 2 months! Not sure if it was the lack of sunlight or something else(like my black thumb)… How did you set up your bottles?

    Mabel Reply:

    Could be the lack of fertiliser! Have you tried adding some vermicompost/compost/organic fertiliser?

    Re the bottles, just make two pin-size holes on the cap and invert the bottle before pushing it into the soil. 🙂

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