A Simple Fitted Sheet

A Simple Fitted Sheet

A Simple Fitted Sheet
Size | To fit a 60 x 120 x 9 cm mattress
Pattern details | 100% cotton fabric from Kamdar

We brought back Eva’s crib from Singapore but didn’t realize that all our sheets were too big. Since IKEA is in PJ and we weren’t going to my parents’ place any time soon, I decided to sew a fitted sheet. Kamdar – a local fabric supplier – is just around the corner and Christmas came early (yay to the new sewing machine – more on this in another post!)!

I couldn’t really find the right fabric at Kamdar; initially wanted to use printed fabric but the prints they had were either too “noisy” (or suitable for things like sexy lingerie – hmm) or just not quite appropriate for a kid’s room. In the end, I settled for a plain cotton fabric in turquoise. The fabric is quite decent for the price (the cotton is around RM4-5 per metre) so I might go back and get some other colours like olive and khaki…

It is easy to sew up a fitted sheet. I folded the fabric into quarters, measured out the width & length and cut out a square for the edging before serging and sewing up everything. Instead of sewing on the elastic, I threaded it around the entire sheet. All in all, I spent less than two hours on this.

The result is as per the picture! This is an easy, quick and simple project for beginner sewers and can even be sewn up by hand (if you’re machine-less and have a lot of time to spare).

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