Our 2nd choy sum harvest!

2nd choy sum harvest

That’s our second choy sum harvest and boy o’ boy were the kids ultra excited about this! Yes, even Noah. One of the plants had already pushed out flowers so the kids got a stalk of yellow flowers to hold onto and Noah instantly demolished it. He plucked it, he pulled it…well, basically he had fun with it. After five minutes, there was nothing left but a short 2.5 cm green stalk in his tiny hand.

I cleaned this, separated it into 4cm long portions and then stir-fried this with garlic and some sea salt before serving it with steamed pork ribs and rice. The kids finished EVERY SINGLE thing! One thing that has reaffirmed my choice to grow my own vegetables and get the kids involved is that they get excited, they get curious and more importantly, they want to try food that they helped to grow!

As I’m sharing this, I have another planter box with choy sum, Hong Kong choy sum and bok choy seedlings. Am keeping my fingers crossed for a bountiful harvest next year! Tehehehe.

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