Updates: Choy sum

Choy sum three days after germination (Sept 2013)

That’s a look at the seedlings three days after germination.

I used organic soil purchased from a seller at Bayan Baru and added hummus fertiliser. The seedlings were watered every three days but growth appeared to be very slow. The pic below shows the growth one month later. Not much difference.

Choy sum, a month after germination

Later I found out that because my veg isn’t grown on the ground but in boxes, I’ll have to fertiliser the vegetables more frequently – at least once every two weeks – and water them nearly every day. Some folks at the gardening forum on Facebook were helpful too. So after a few doses of goat manure, vermicompost, hummus fertiliser and Epsom salt, these babies started looking pretty substantial. I’d say that they started bulking up after the Epsom salt treatment (I basically watered the plants with 1 tsp of organic epsom salt diluted in 1 full can of water). Here’s a look at them now.

My choy sum - two months after germination

They are not quite ready for the table yet although I must admint, they are looking pretty yummy now!

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