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Soaps waiting for the heat gun.

The past couple of days have been crazy at the store. I recently launched some skincare products – nothing fancy, just my usual butters/balms that can be found online – and the response has been insane! I didn’t anticipate each batch to sell out within hours of production. I feel awful for not having more foresight which resulted in me having to make a rush order for jars for the butters and putting people on a waiting list. I have a couple of recipes I need to churn out so that means more work at the shop for the next couple of weeks. With that I decided to invest in a little gadget to help make my life easier when it comes to make balms. I’ll announce this on the store’s Facebook page when the time comes.

On that front, I seem to be running out of soaps very often and this has led me to consider churning out bigger batches at one time. I have tried silicon molds and I don’t like them in terms of sizing and the soap outcome (too much wastage, etc). Currently, each batch yields about 6 full bars and 6 sample bars. I either need get a longer mold or increase the number of molds I use each time I work on a batch. The trouble is that the soaps sizes are pretty unique so it’s either I get the molds custom-made (if I want them to be longer) or buy more molds. I have contacted someone here in Penang who might be able to help me out and if all goes well tomorrow (we meet to take a look at the master mold – which is the only mold I have), I will be able to churn out larger batches and hopefully don’t run out so fast.

Then there are the little things that goes on behind the scenes – churning out invoices and making sure payment is received promptly, preparing fabric bags and tags, as well as coming up with new recipes, promotions and other marketing items. Needless to say, it’s exhausting work – I actually fell asleep in front of the TV after dinner while the kids were watching their usual once-a-day dose of cartoons. Gah!

Still, I am feeling blessed – busy is good! *grin*

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