Sourdough Bread – Part I

Sourdough starter!

I didn’t know what sourdough breads were or what it tasted like until I came back to Malaysia. Weird when you consider that some of the yummiest breads I’ve ever tasted came from France. O’well…

Someone suggested this bakery in Balik Pulau that churns out really yummy sourdough bread and after taking a look at their inventory, I gave it a try since they had dark German styled rye bread – my hubby’s favourite. During my last purchase, I fell in love with their classic sourdough bread and that got me to thinking…

Why not try to make my own sourdough bread? It looks like fun…

Of course when I thought of the idea, I wasn’t aware that it would take a while to get some stable sourdough starter! But hey, I have time. LOL.

All I did to kick start things was mix together 1 small cup of flour with 1 small cup of water. I stirred that in my large plastic container, covered the opening with a paper towel that is held in place with a rubber band and set it up on top of my fridge.

Now all I had to do was wait.

Took about 1.5 days for some sign of life – bubbles and all. Once that got going, I added in another cup of flour and another cup of water to feed it. Today is the third day and as you can see in the pics, it looks pretty bubbly. I forgot to remove half of the starter before feeding it earlier today – I read that you have to remove half otherwise, you’ll have to double up on the amounts for each feed. I’ll do that tomorrow morning – hopefully it’s be still as good then.

In the meantime, it’s back to knitting…I ought to add more oil to my knitting since I’m almost at the end but soaping (and working on a new range of stuff) is keeping me really busy!

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