Knit: Red Diamonds Entrelac Stole

FO: Red Diamonds Entrelac Stole

Red Diamonds Entrelac Stole
Pattern | Lady Eleanor Entrelac Stole by Kathleen Power Johnson
Yarn | Patons North America SWS (Soy Wool Stripes) in Natural Geranium & Natural Violet
Needles | 6mm

I finally finished a very very VERY old project. Took me a grand total of FOUR YEARS & EIGHT MONTHS – yes, you read that right – to finish! I have no real excuses except a few of the cross-continent moves I made in between and the very long bouts of knitters block. The last move triggered me to not just stop stashing but to also finish my old projects that have been hibernating.

When I took out this project, I realized that I didn’t have much to knit up – I was down to my last two balls…well, slightly over one since nearly half a ball will go to making the fringe on the ends. So I decided to pick up the speed – I began knitting whenever I took a break from soapmaking and found that with one or two hours a day, I was making good progress.

FO: Red Diamonds Entrelac Stole

I didn’t really follow this pattern – there are many variations of it floating around the Internet and some of these variations are free. So I adapted it to suit what I was looking for, the size I wanted, etc. Trouble is that I started this many years ago so along the way, when I had picked it up again in between then and now, I must have done something “off” because the width suddenly increased a little. I might have switched needle sizes or changed my knitting tension. Who knows? Hopefully, with a little blocking, this error won’t be obvious.

One thing tho – this won’t be going on anyone’s shoulders. The approximately 10 balls of yarn that went into this has resulted in a heavy stole. I suspect it’ll be more suitable as a wrap in terms of the weight but not quite the width. I don’t know if I’ll be hanging onto this or gifting it since Christmas is coming soon (I usually give something handmade like knitted wear or soap for Christmas).

I must say that now that this is done, I’m quite glad to see it gone. I’ll be picking up the cardigan I started for myself – hopefully I’ve kept track of my progress!

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