Up & running again!

Recent soaps!

I picked up soapmaking again!

While it’s a new experience – soaping in the tropics is completely different from in Europe in terms of temperature and humidity – and it can be hard/expensive finding “exotic” oils, I’m still enjoying the process.

Being back home has allowed me to fine tune my branding policy and how I’d like to approach the whole concept of handmade cold process soaps. I am still standing by my decision to use natural colorants in my soaps (clays and plant matter – not even oxides or micas) as well as every day items like vegetable, herbs, fruits, other dry condiments like tea, coffee and spices. But since getting essential oils locally is going to be a challenge, these will be imported but through a co-op. I’d still like to toy around with fragrance oils for certain items so soaps made with these things will definitely have a note on it that says it contains fragrances.

Another thing I’m in the middle of exploring is buying things directly from producers or other small business owners. I am in the middle of sourcing for locally produced beeswax and honey for a new range of items. So it is exciting to even talk a little about that. Can’t say too much because this is part of the business strategy and direction.

I have also switched my packaging from paper to fabric bags – these bags are made from fabric that has been sitting in my cupboard for a few years and to coincide with destash year(s), I decided to use them as part of packaging for the store. I reckon it adds a nice touch to things.

In the meantime, hop on over to our website here for more write-ups and eye-candy as I enter into the world of soapmaking again and if you’re on Facebook, check out our page here too!

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