WIP: Eva’s Random Molecule Quilt

Eva's Random Molecule Quilt

I finally picked up this project again and with Mum’s help, I managed to churn out enough hexagons for Eva’s quilt. I didn’t really have a particular pattern in mind when I set out to make an English Garden quilt (hexagon quilt). Some people would make flower patterns, some trees and such but me? I just plonked down on the floor and started placing hexagons as & how I liked to plot out a pattern.

The result is what you see above. My hubby was quick to say that this reminded him of chemistry and molecules and what-not. I thought of biology more when I saw this. The kids found it fun – at least Noah did (he tried to squash the hexagons, throw them and so forth). I had to clamour to keep them before he got his little chubby hands on them!

Eva liked the shades of pink and red (what else is new?)…I wonder how she’ll react to the finished quilt!

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