Nothing much going on here…

I’m still alive…in case anyone is wondering.

It’s just that things have been going crazy since this month started.

Suddenly, my inventory is flying off the shelves and into the “reserved” pool. So that meant that my small 4-7 full-sample bars per batch wasn’t enough to cater for the demand. I would either have to upgrade my mold sizes to bigger ones or churn out another batch right after the first. Either way, I feel blessed – busy is good. Never mind that I have a ton of fabric to cut up, pin, sew and assemble. Never mind that I have labels to print and put together. Never mind that I need to find some space in my curing rack and soon, I’ll have to find a place for storing cured soaps.

Then the car went into the hospital. My very old car had been giving my some problems and when we took it in for a check-up, we were dealt with a RM3K answer. It was not even an option. Then there was the possibility of an engine leak. If that were true, that meant a complete overhaul which, of course, meant more money. Aiyayaya!

I’ve also been busy with my Dirt-To-Dish project and am still waiting for some sign that my vegetables are growing… The seeds have germinated three days after sowing; I read that you can harvest these leafy greens about 45 days after sowing. It’s been about two weeks, I think, and the seedlings look pretty small. I’m hoping to see more growth after putting some vermicompost on them. In the meantime, my blue pea seedling is doing well but my angled petolas seemed to have slowed down. I’m not too sure if it’s the heat or the lack of compost but we’ll see since they too have seen a dose of vermicompost yesterday.

We have also been holding onto our 1-meat, 1-vegetable a day plan and that meant cooking less…which also meant experimenting with less. My blender, my pressure cooker, all my usual trusty gadgets are not around so I am less inclined to bake or cook up anything fancy over the week. Last week’s awfully bad food poisoning spell left me rather lethargic and plain old lazy when it come to cooking so I just made very simple dishes for the kids and sat out. I am tempted to go back to baking but I miss having my stand mixer (Mum is kind enough to pass me her hand mixer next month) so I’m holding out till then. Haiz.

In the mean time, I shall leave you with a picture of my lunch today – a simple homemade nasi lemak.

Today's lunch

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WIP: Eva’s Random Molecule Quilt

Eva's Random Molecule Quilt

I finally picked up this project again and with Mum’s help, I managed to churn out enough hexagons for Eva’s quilt. I didn’t really have a particular pattern in mind when I set out to make an English Garden quilt (hexagon quilt). Some people would make flower patterns, some trees and such but me? I just plonked down on the floor and started placing hexagons as & how I liked to plot out a pattern.

The result is what you see above. My hubby was quick to say that this reminded him of chemistry and molecules and what-not. I thought of biology more when I saw this. The kids found it fun – at least Noah did (he tried to squash the hexagons, throw them and so forth). I had to clamour to keep them before he got his little chubby hands on them!

Eva liked the shades of pink and red (what else is new?)…I wonder how she’ll react to the finished quilt!

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Music lessons for kids?

I cannot believe that I haven’t blogged here in quite a while.

You could say that life has completely taken over things! The kids’ toys arrived and with it, came Eva’s guitar. Made me miss strumming some tunes to my dad’s old (classical) guitar. Then a random hunt on the internet for guitars light up a bulb in my head.

When can one start teaching music to kids?

Eva seems to be fascinated with the guitar and piano while Noah looks to be quite keen on drums (he enjoys banging chopsticks on the table). I’d think 4 years old would be rather young for the piano but I know that there are kids who are already in piano classes at this age as well as violin. Hm.

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