Knit: Narnia

FO: Narnia Shawl

Pattern | Narnia Shawl by Lily Go
Yarn | PurPle Alpaga in Gris Clair
Needles | 3.25mm and 3.5mm (bind off)

Since my travel project was completed just before I travelled to Penang, I thought I’d take a break and start a new project in Malaysia. But by the time I arrived at Dubai airport, I was itching for something to work on with my hands. Luckily I had enough sense to pack my project necessities (yarn, needles, etc) in my carry-on bag.

Note: If you intend to fly AND knit, be sure to carry only wood-based needles. They’ll show up on the x-ray as pencils or toothpicks or sticks. No metal. Same goes for DPNs and straight needles.

FO: Narnia Shawl

The pattern was pretty easy to follow despite having no rest rows (read: all purl/knit on the wrong side) and I adored the transition between one pattern to the other. This transition is especially obvious when the shawl is being blocked – one must always block lace shawls in order for the pattern to really shine and pop! I wouldn’t mind knitting up another Narnia in another colour…it’s that pretty.

I couldn’t say the same for the yarn. By some oddity, I developed allergies to it. Every time I pick up the shawl to knit, I would end up with itchy hives on only my left hand. If I don’t stop for a day or two in between, it would “spread” to my right hand. I have never had this problem with other alpaca yarns so it couldn’t be alpaca itself that is causing the problem. I have another skein of the same yarn but in a different colour so will see how my skin reacts to handling that yarn.

I’m not too sure if I’ll keep this for myself. While I like the shade – of lately, I’ve been very fascinated with shawls in solid colours – I am not too sure if I’d have a need for it. I still have my Jaali, Melange and other shawls. Maybe I could sell it if I’m tired of stashing so many shawls? Hm. Now back to my other crafts and surfing the Net for a mount for ipad.

Ravelry Project Page Ravelry info available here.

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