Busy, busy.

If I haven’t been updating both blogs, it is only because I have been busy.

Our things arrived from France on Monday and since then, all I have been doing is unpacking and organising them. On top of that, the kids also started playschool on the same day so I have been playing the chauffeur and driving them to & fro school. What has been more knacked out is the unpacking.

One thing is clear.

It was a good idea to have that destash year(s) up and running. We have too many things and I have resorted to closing both eyes and just donating a whole boatload of stuff (clothes, toys, etc) as well as parting with a number of my favourite yarns & fibres. Why part with my favourites? While, I have too many to go through and rather than let it sit as part of my stash, I might as well find them a good home.

Apart from the whole “destash” thing – this rule applies to hobbies, clothes and household items…even food – I’ve been making some time to use up my yarn. I managed to finish a shawl (will block it over the weekend) and started another one using the leftover yarn from my previous pair of socks. I also have a few sewing projects in mind – namely the English Garden quilt for the kids and some cloth pads (just so I can use up the Zorb fabric I have). Hopefully I’ll be able to make some headway and clear off some of my stash.

Still, what the heck was I thinking when I added these things to my stash in the first place?


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