Lots to do, lots to do.

If I have been silent for a while, it is because we are still in the midst of settling down here in Penang.

I’m typing this from our hotel room in Penang – there was no electricity in the apartment until the day of the handover so many things such as the dishwasher, washing machine, fridge, and even cupboards, wardrobe and bed were still uninstalled (no electricity means no power tools, etc). Then we got hit by another “news”. Our mattresses won’t arrive until Saturday at the earliest! The only person with a mattress would be Noah in his crib. Gah.

Nil started work on Monday so I had to play chauffeur on top of entertaining the kids in the hotel room, scouting around for things for the house – little things like cleaning tools and solutions, safety gate & latches for the windows AND sliding door (we’re on the 18th floor so I’m taking no chances!), rubbish bins, bags, clothes, sponges… I barely even have enough time to clean my pc – it’s awfully slow!

On top of that, the Internet isn’t set up yet so that means no cable or online time for me until next week. But no matter, I reckon I’ll have quite a bit of things to do – cleaning is the first thing on my list. Laundry is another (we need a laundry stand for the balcony). I need to fix up some way to make the roller blinds in the kids’ room darker but that’s not on the top of my list…at least not for now. Hopefully we’ll be all settled in by next week!

*keeps fingers crossed*

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  1. Selamat pulang tanahair, Mabel! Lots of luck & well wishes in settling down in Penang.

    I love your artistic streak that manifests via your knitting, spinning, soapmaking, baking etc! Am in awe of it coz err, I got zero artistic genes. Yikes!

    Would love to read more of how you guys are settling & adapting back to the Msia environment. And also your thoughts on “schooling” here for Eva.

    I am a mother of a 3.5 yr old girl & already I can feel the “stress” of finding a school for her, the “assessment tests” imposed, the WAITING LIST (every Mum’s nitemare) and also feeling indignant that the government school system is seriously flawed in prepping our kids for a real education… Oh well.

    Good luck once again! 🙂

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