Spindles: Oklahoma Wildflower & Pau Amarello

Spindle: Oklahoma Wildflower by Threads Thru Time

Oklahoma Wildflower
Whorl | Dymondwood in Oklahoma Wildflower
Shaft | Dymondwood in Purple Passion
Total weight | 0.5 oz
From | Susan from Thomas Creations/Threads Thru Time

Spindle: Pau Amarello from IST Crafts

Pau Amarello
Whorl | Pau amarello, brass weighted
Shaft | Tulipwood
Total weight | (80mm) 10-14 gms
From | Ian from IST Crafts

Some new additions to my spindle collection.

These will probably one of the last few Turkish spindles that I’m getting as I have some from each weight group. I do like the look of certain woods (Bocote, Pink Ivory, burl woods, Sumac, etc) so will probably get those featured in other forms of spindles like supported spindles or my regular top whorl spindle.

I haven’t spun anything on my tiny TTT spindles nor the IST Craft one as I’m still focusing on finishing my Wensleydale on my Bosworth. It’s just faster to wind up a cop on a top whorl than making a nice “turtle” on a turkish but we’ll see how it goes. On top of that, we’re in the middle of a move – more on that later – so my entire stash is already in boxes…and yes, that includes my spindles as well!

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