Spindles: Wild Berry

Spindle: Wild Berry Spindle: Wild Berry

I have been eyeing these spindles since I first saw them in the spindlers forum on Ravelry a while back. When Susan wrote in her group forum that the manufacturers of dymondwood were phasing out certain colours, especially the pinks, I knew I had to get some in my favourite colours. I had missed out on the updates due to the time difference between Europe and California (or PDT area) and the call out for anyone who was destashing didn’t give me much results (I did snag one but that has yet to arrive in the mail). So when she announced that she was updating with some spindles, I just had to get one…even if it meant surfing the night in the middle of the night for all sorts of things (door stops, anyone?) just to catch an update. Tehehe.

I must admit that this “colourway” was not on my to-get list but I couldn’t shy away from the purple so I grabbed it. I tore into it the moment it arrived and was instantly amazed. It does live up to its name of being tiny! In fact, it’s so tiny that it fits in the palm of my hand. I am hoping to give this a go later on – I have plenty of spinning WIPs at the moment. So for now, it’ll just have to sit pretty in the spindle vase along with my other spindles. Tehehehe.

Wild Berry
Whorl | Dymondwood in Wild Berry
Shaft | Dymondwood in Purple Passion
Total weight | 0.4 oz
From | Susan from Thomas Creations/Threads Thru Time

Spindle: Wild Berry

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