Spindle: Fleur de Lys & Juniper

These two lovelies arrived a while back and my, how they stand out.

The Fleur de Lys cutout (pictured below) has been on my spindle wishlist since I first saw them a while back. Mike makes lovely cutout spindles and the fleur de lys design is a new one – under six months old, I reckon. I managed to snag one in the most gorgeous of wood grain possible. The colour of the whorl/wood is much dark in real life. I took the picture in such a way that you could see the lovely wood grain.

Spindle: Fleur de Lys cutout

Fleur de Lys
Whorl | Bolivian rosewood
Shaft | Hard maple
Total weight | 1 oz
From | Mike from Spanish Peacock

Then there is the lovely, petite Turkish by Anne. Again, she really knows how to make turkish spindles that are easy to carry anyway, spin forever and just a joy to work on. Juniper is a lightly scented wood so this will definitely help to keep the little bugs away!

Juniper Turkish spindle

Juniper Turkish
Whorl | Juniper
Shaft | Walnut
Total weight | 20 gms
From | Anne from Bulle

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