Scottish Heather

SS Handspun - Scottish Heather

Ply | Three
Yardage | 461.7 m
WPI | Fingering
Fibre | Dyeing4Colour – 70/30 SW Seacell-Wool in Scottish Heather
Tool | Serenity Wheel [10:1]

Another finished handspun yarn!

Yes, it appears that my knitting has taken a break and I have picked up spinning again. Not exactly ideal considering that I have two knitting WIPs – cardigans for Eva and I – but the weather is starting to warm up so I reckon I might have to slow down on the spinning to make room for more knit work before it gets too warm for knitting.

While the yardage is fantastic on this bump of 4 ounces, I am not quite happy with the overall spin. While plying, some of the singles broke due to insufficient twist. Plying usually neutralises some of the twist so if you intend to ply your yarns, it’s good to create singles with an overtwist to it. I’ll have to remember this when I switch between spinning projects. (My previous spin project was an alpaca-silk-merino blend which I turned into laceweight singles – this requires a different amount of spin to keep the fibers together but not make the resulting yarn too wire-y.)

So far, that makes it about 17 ounces of wool spun up for the year. That’s not much but hey, it’s a start. Oh, did you know that I clocked over 5300 meters of singles! Whoa…

SS Handspun - Scottish Heather

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