Spindle: Amazon Rosewood Turkish & Purpleheart/Amaranth

A while back, someone commented that a good spouse is one who surprises a loved one with, say, a bouquet of flowers, and that my hubby should take a leaf out of the book.

If you’re not familiar with my husband, well, the only few times I received flowers from him was on my birthday and Valentine’s Day for one year…twice in the years that we have been together (nearly coming to 10 now). He may be French but he is not the stereotypical French romantic. In fact, his idea of romance is asking me what I want or teasing me to high heaven or listening to me talk about my blogging assignments like scouting for metal church chairs. Heh.

One thing I must say though is that despite his lack of romantic gestures, he is supportive of my hobbies and whenever a little (or large) parcel shows up in our mailbox (and it’s for me), he just smiles and go “You got something huh?”. My mother did ask him about it; all he said was that he gave up on getting me to stop stashing a long time ago.

“As long as she’s happy, I am okay with it.”

So yeah, my hubby may not buy me flowers; he gets me spindles instead!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The latest acquisitions from a French spindle maker, Anne from Bulle. She makes lovely spindles, especially supported and Turkish spindles. Aren’t these babies pretty?

Spindle: 0.7 oz Amazon Rosewood Turkish Spindle

Amazon Rosewood Turkish
Whorl | Amazon Rosewood Turkish
Shaft | Beech
Total weight | 0.7 oz
From | Anne from Bulle

Spindle: 0.88 oz Purpleheart/Amaranth Top Whorl Drop Spindle

Whorl | Purpleheart/Amaranth
Shaft | Beech
Total weight | 0.88 oz
From | Anne from Bulle

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