Spin spin spin!

WIP: Dyeing4Colour in Scottish Heather

Of lately, the only craft I have been busy exploring is the one in front of my spinning wheel.

Yes, I caught the spinning bug…and a bad one as well. On top of this braid that I’m working on, I have some Wensleydale on the side that I am spinning up with my Paua spindle. I don’t think I can ever tire of spinning. With each wheel rotation, each spin, the colour changes and shifts, and depending on how the fibers have been dyed up, these changes can be dramatic or subtle. The possibilities are endless with spinning. You can draft a fiber in such a way that you end up with a gradient plied yarn or you can spin it with minimal drafting and ply it to give you a candy cane, colourful yarn.

My once little bag of handspun yarn is now fast growing, and to make matters fun (and challenging), I decided to join a little group on Ravelry called the “13 in 2013” which is this – spin 13 pounds of fiber this year! I’ve already done nearly one pound so far and this will be great in helping me to bust my fiber stash. Trouble is…what do I do with all that handspun yarn? I could use some of it but I reckon, if there is a demand, I’ll put some of it on sale. At least it’ll get some use instead of sitting pretty in my cupboard.

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  1. 13 pounds !!
    Your spool is so regular ! I have to work mine…. 😉

    Mabel Reply:

    Thanks! I can’t stand mountains on mine! 🙂

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