Sugar Pie

Sugar Pie

Ply | Single
Yardage | 952 m
WPI | Laceweight
Fibre | 50/30/20 Alpaca Merino Silk from Squoosh in Sugar Pie
Tool | Serenity Wheel [5.5:1]

I bought this fiber sometime in 2008 and had spun up some of it using a spindle. After a while, with all the moving, packing and unpacking, it was forgotten and stayed hidden away in my stash. While clearing out my yarn & fiber armoire a few weeks back, I came across it and decided to spin it up again. I tried with a spindle but after years of spinning with a wheel, I didn’t really seem to have the patience for spindle spinning. I should still get back to it since it’s a really lovely art and I don’t want my spindles to sit around gathering dust.

I wanted to keep this as a single ply yarn so I went back to spinning with a low ratio but with still zero to little tension. I tried putting in some band tension but that result into a too low spin which then lead to my singles breaking. Due to this practice, I had to discard a good amount of singles AND fiber. Once everything was spun up, I finished it with a hot water bath to felt it a little and lots of twacking in my bath tub to distribute the spin so that the resulting yarn is smoother but still strong enough to be used for lacework.

There is a certain halo to the yarn thanks to the alpaca fiber and the shine is just amazing. I must say that this is a gorgeous blend to work with. Sadly, I don’t have a lot of this blend in my stash – I have a lot of superwash and superwash blends (for sock purpose) – but I am going to consider stocking up on this blend in the future!

Sugar Pie

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