Ply | Three
Yardage | 431.2 m
WPI | Fingering
Fibre | Simple Scarves Superwash Merino in Firestar
Tool | Serenity Wheel [10:1]

I started spinning this right after plying up my previous handspun. I was in the momentum and groove, and didn’t want to lose the drive. Since I still had some stock leftover from my yarn store, I decided to destash those first. The braid didn’t look very promising in terms of colours (hence it being a leftover from the store) but when I dyed it, I had a certain way of spinning and plying it in mind. I wanted to achieve a heathered look with “candy-cane” stripes on the singles.

The finished yarn came out as I had imagined it to be; it was still a joy to watch the colours unfold as I spun the singles and then again as I plied them. I made these into fingering weight yarn – the resulting colour and fiber type would make for a pair of lovely socks or a smallish knitted outfit for the kids.

And as you can guess, to maintain the spin momentum, I have started work on another braid of fibre! Tehehehehe.


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