Knit: Melange Shawl

KNIT: Melange Shawl

Melange Shawl
Pattern | My own design
Yarn | Merino Lace in Lace Blue and overdyed in turquoise
Needles | 3.75mm and 6mm circulars

My first “proper” design!

The last time I worked on designing was in 2008/2009 and it was just putting together stuff I found from a stitch dictionary and hoping that it would work out fine. I would do my designs admist watching a movie, surfing the net and looking at things like discount swisher sweets cigars (for fun). But this time, designing this shawl was a wonderful journey – I focused only on this, I didn’t just stuff from stitch dictionaries but I also modified it and at least I knew what I was doing in terms of making sure the shawl increased properly in size and so forth. It is currently being tested by a group of wonderful ladies and it appears that they are moving quite fast. With any luck, the pattern should be released after the Christmas and New Year holidays which is just great!

I’m still undecided about making this a free pattern but I also don’t want to price it too high. I reckon I’ll have some time to truly decide on that bit. In the meantime, I have put aside designing (I did started work on a lace-cable pair of socks but will most probably churn out another shawl soon) to finish up a sweater for Noah since I just have the sleeves and neckline to finish up. Can’t wait to finish it! Tehehehe.

KNIT: Melange Shawl - Edging

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