Prototype knitting

WIP:  Mélange

I won’t say too much because it’s very much a work in progress as you can see but I am excited about this one.

It has been a while since I last designed anything as I have pretty much stalled on that front. But somehow, somewhere, I caught the bug and I had been thinking about it for a long time. So long that I bought stitch dictionaries a while back and never dug them out until two nights ago. It took me one night of planning and looking for the right stitches and then another night of charting and then another afternoon of plugging everything into an Excel book. I seriously have a lot of respect for pattern writers and designers, especially those who even include row-by-row stitch counts.

I hope I won’t take weeks to finish this – my goal would be to finish this within this month so that I can get it tested – another first for me as well – and then publish this. Wish me luck!

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