Knit: Teal Leaves

FO: Teal Socks

Teal Leaves
Pattern | Leaf on the Wind by Purrlescent
Yarn | Phildar Lambswool in Turquoise
Needles | 2.75 mm, 2.5 mm & 2.25 mm DPNs

When I finished my previous sock project, I decided to find the perfect fit for my socks and embarked immediately on another sock project. I chose a solid colour yarn and a lace pattern that wasn’t all that complicated…or so I thought.

The gauge called for was different from what I knitted and I had to rip back at least thrice to find the right fit. In the end, I should have just gone with my gut instinct and selected the size based on feet measurements (M) given rather than gauge plus total stitch count (L). Still it makes for a good lesson in gauge. I realized that 2.75 mm needles gave me a gauge closer to that in the pattern but the fit wasn’t good and ended up being on the big side (not good if you want your socks to last). So I had to go back to my initial chosen size.

Then I discovered an error. Although the pattern is done toe up, it utilized a round toe which I am not familiar with so I ended up having to rip back when I realized that my toe shape was radically different from the one pictured in the pattern. After that, it was smooth sailing for a while…until I reached the heel and gusset. I found myself ripping back again after completing the heel because I couldn’t get it over my feet. Switching to 2.75 mm at just the heel flap made it easier but for future projects, I’d switch at the gusset itself instead of later. The heel construction in this pattern is different which resulted in a denser but also tighter fabric.

Once I was done, I switched back to the 2.5 mm and ignored the note (in the pattern) asking knitters to move one size up because of the biasing in the pattern. At this stage, I know that 2.5 mm is just nice for my shin and if I switch one size up, it’ll never hold. I was right. By the time I finished the cuffs and tried on the socks, I was convinced that not moving a needle size up and sticking to my usual cuff style knitting which is a 1×1 rib in 2.25 mm.

The finished pair is currently still blocking to help “expand” it so that it’ll fit over the heel without too much pulling and yanking. Sock knitting has given me a buzz and I am looking forward to working getting a good fit for the hubby as well as sock gifting as knitting socks for other people is something else altogether – at least that’s what I think! Trouble is that I need time…in between all my knitting projects, reviews on things like scrubs uniforms and the kids, ai…

UPDATE: After blocking, it’s still too tight so on hindsight, I should have done the gusset and heel flap in 2.75mm needles. I had to struggle to get both of them on! Too much work! So these will probably be gifted to someone.

Ravelry Project Page Ravelry info available here.

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