WIP: Teal Socks

Teal Socks

The picture above is actually old – I’ve already finished one sock and am working on the cuff for the other one. In the midst of all the craziness caring for two kids, preparing for the trip to Paris last week and housechores like cooking plus other things like exercising and sewing – I have hexagon pieces to work on – I forgot to update this blog and as such, it has been hibernating for quite a while. Longer than I would like as most of my family get their updates from Facebook, Skype (calling me) and this blog. O’well…better late than never I guess.

Unlike my previous sock project, this one is another attempt at finding the right combination of needles with sock sections to get that perfect fit. I’ll explain more when I do finish both socks but can I say that I have caught the sock bug? All I can think of is just knitting socks and more socks. The good thing about this is that it’s just in time for winter and I get to destash but the bad thing is that other projects like my cardigan and the kid’s winter outfits plus sewing for the house and the kids are all put on hold. Eeps.

Suddenly part of me wishes I had a clone! Now wouldn’t that make life all the more easier? Tehehehe.

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