A last minute birthday wish.

If I we had the space…

If I we had the money…

I wouldn’t mind getting my hands on a piano, especially considering that I would have access to music sheets of all sorts, courtesy of the local library.

I miss tinkling the keys and it doesn’t help that we live in a rented place. Hm, you know what would really really make a great birthday present?

A house with a nice garden.

My own home.

(Can’t you tell that I’m sick of rental spaces?)

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  1. Really liking ur blog here. Its very diff from the rest i’d read so far. Im going through ur archives one by one. Ive read some n they are so beautifully written. So u made soap n body balm by yourself too? Shipping to aus by chance?

    Mabel Reply:

    Thanks dear! I haven’t been updating this as much as I should tho. 🙁

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