Socktopia: Simple Handspun Socks (WIP)

Simple Handspun Socks: Progress

In conjunction with the annual knitting craze called Socktober (guess which month knitters hold this event?), I’ve decided to run a little thing of my own; a goal of some sorts. For the next six months to a year (I haven’t exactly decided), I’ll be knitting socks on top of the other things I have to work on. My plan is to at least churn out four to six socks – most for myself with a pair or two for the hubs despite his complaints about it being too warm (the socks that is).

To start off, I’m been working on a simple pattern to suit my feet. The previous “standard” patterns don’t seem to fit me very well – they are usually too tight around the heel which probably means the foot length and circumference is off. So I’ve come up with a basic toe up, gusset heel pattern and have been diligently making notes on just about every modification I made. My current issue is with the gusset heel – it doesn’t seem to line up nicely with the instep stitches so that needs a little bit more work, especially if I were to incorporate cables into the picture.

But for now, this sock will do…can’t wait to finish the pair. I reckon it’ll look downright cherry for winter!

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